Rape joke angers Twitterati who lash out at Kangana Ranaut & Jim Sarbh

We all agree that sexual violence is not something to laugh about. And yet, we crack and laugh along with rape jokes. The latest in line are actor Jim Sarbh, and a little more shockingly, Kangana Ranaut.

A video has surfaced online from a Cannes after-party, where Jim Sarbh is seen delivering a joke to a small crowd. “I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option’,” he said. Kangana Ranaut- who had earlier protested against Salman Khan’s Sultan rape comment – is seen laughing along.

Watch the video here:

Jim said in a statement to IANS: “It is unfortunate that my comments were taken out of context. I do not now nor have I ever condoned any form of sexual violence. This (video) has been picked out of context without a prelude where I am actually enacting parts of a play which is a dark satire. The piece I was seen delivering in the video is about a priest blowing a very casual question completely out of proportion, condemning alcohol, prostitutes and rape all simultaneously. I personally do not find it to be about a desire to rape, or to inflict sexual violence upon another, but a subversive and comedic response to an extremely volatile sentence.”

Social media however, doesn’t forgive easily, and people have been calling out both Kangana and Jim on the “joke”.
Check out some of the tweets:

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