Shallcross Shooting: Here’s the man who allegedly killed Sadia Sukhraj

Image Source: Thuli Dlamini, TimesLIVE

State prosecutor Surekha Marimuthu asked the court to keep Mkhize in custody at the Durban Central Police Station for seven days while investigators verified his address. Mkhize shook his head and repeatedly mumbled “no” as the request was made.

sibonelo mkhize sadia sukhraj killer
Image Source: Thuli Dlamini, TimesLIVE

The suspect alleged in court that he was assaulted by police officers. He also claimed that he had to sleep on the floor without a blanket.

His Legal Aid-appointed lawyer Anele Mveku told Magistrate Mohammed Motala that her client did not want to stay at the police station because he was assaulted by officers who were trying to get a confession out of him. Mkhize wanted to be in custody at Westville Prison.

Marimuthu argued that the bruises on Mkhize’s face were from injuries sustained during his arrest on Monday.

“He was not assaulted in the police station‚” she told the court.

She explained that it would be easier for police to take Mkhize from the police station to his home to verify his address than from the prison. But Mkhize continued to refuse.

When she suggested that he spend just one night behind bars at the police station‚ Mkhize clicked his tongue and put up his hand again to consult with his lawyer.

Mveku then told the court that her client did not want to spend a night at the station because he did not want to sleep on the floor. It was then agreed that Mkhize would be remanded to prison for the night.

“Police will pick him up from prison and take him to verify his address and bring him back to this court to appear‚” Marimuthu said.

When Motala asked why Mkhize was being charged with theft instead of robbery‚ Marimuthu said the charges against him were provisional and would change at a later stage.

While the names of the victims were not mentioned in court‚ Marimuthu confirmed to TimesLIVE that Mkhize was charged with the murders of Sadia and his alleged accomplice‚ who died at the scene.


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Sources: TimesLIVE, Twitter

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