Defense lawyer for Sadia Sukhraj’s killer receives death threats

The Durban Magistrate’s Court has called for common sense to prevail on social media following threats against the lawyer defending Sadia Sukhraj’s alleged killer.

Magistrate Mohammed Motala on Thursday said comments made on social media were “damaging the circumstances of this case” and possible threats against the defence had been brought to his attention; therefore he had to address the court.

“If you are going to make comments that can be perceived as unfounded or without adding any value to the circumstances that are out there in the public: please refrain from doing so‚” he said.

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It is believed legal aid-appointed lawyer Anele Mveku‚ who is representing Sibonelo Mkhize‚ had received threatening messages on Facebook.

Mkhize is charged with the murder of both nine-year-old Sadia and his alleged accomplice during a botched hijacking in Shallcross‚ south of Durban‚ on Monday morning.

Motala said on Thursday the threatening comments on social media had been shown to him. “I don’t go onto social networks as I have to be clinically divorced so that I can apply my mind without bias‚ but when these matters are brought to my attention I am duty-bound to ask that [common] sense prevails.”


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