Honour for the policeman who caught Sadia Sukhraj’s alleged killer

The off-duty policeman who gave chase after the hijackers has been commended for catching the man accused of killing Chatsworth schoolgirl Sadia Sukhraj last week.

A local church has given Warrant Officer Hemant Raghoonundan a bravery award for his efforts.

He was off duty,  looking after his seventh-month-old baby, when he heard gunshots.

“A few minutes later I saw a fast vehicle moving past my premises. As a policeman, it’s my natural instinct to react and I noticed the vehicle had turned at a high speed and come to a standstill and noticed a black male jumping out of the vehicle and running.

“As an instinct I knew it was a hijacked vehicle. Someone in the neighbourhood screamed and told me it was a hijacked vehicle. I gave chase and apprehended the black male, the driver of the vehicle,” he said.

The community has given the police minister until next week to address their concerns about crime in the area. Minister Bheki Cele visited Chatsworth on Thursday. 


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Source: eNCA

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