Witness the marriage of the Hindu god Venketeswara in Gauteng

The expat organisation India Cares will be conducting the biennial celestial wedding of the Hindu god Sri Venkateshwara in Gauteng, South Africa this August 2018.

Lord Venkateswara is a most popular God among Hindus and his abode Thirumala-Thirupathi has the highest number of devotees visiting from all parts of the world. The Hindu gods’ wedding (Kalyanam) is the most popular event that is celebrated in the Thirumala temple which will be attended by more than 1000 devotees every day.

It takes a few days to weeks to be able to book your tickets for this particular event in India and is very popular among the newly married couples from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – who make it a tradition to attend this event and be blessed by the Lord and his consorts.

It is with this background that India Cares has organized this event in Pretoria. This much-awaited biennial event of the Sri Venkateshwara Kalyanam also known as the Tiru Kalyanam or Balaji Kalyanam will be conducted on 4 August 2018 at Hindu Seva Samaj Hall, Laudium.

A highlight of the 2018 event is that a priest from the famed temple in Tirumala will preside over the event in Gauteng. Guru Sri Deekshitulu Garu, a highly experienced priest from Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) is set to perform the rituals.

Planning has begun in earnest

The India Cares committees have kicked off the initial planning activities part of which is reaching out to regular donors and supporters including other like-minded organizations.

As per the tradition of the event, there are two slots for two couples to participate in the ceremony as the parents of Lord Balaji’s consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi.

Interested sponsors or supporters are requested to discuss with any member of organizing committee. These slots would be allocated based on criteria such as highest donation amount etc. We request all the devotees to utilise this opportunity to perform the celestial wedding in person. 

Ganesh HomamWill start at 6:00 am and those who would like to attend this event are requested to send their names to

Suprabhatam Recitation

At the event children will be reciting the first 10 slokas of Suprabhatam and thereafter seniors will take over in the ritual. Find the lyrics for the Venketeswara Suprabatham here

Senior volunteers (both male and female) to participate in Suprabhatam recitation and those who are interested, please send their names to

What is Sri Venkateshwara Kalyanam? 

It is the symbolic celestial wedding of Sri Venkateshwara with his two consorts Padmavati and Laxmi Devi. It is widely believed that Kalyanam of the Supreme Lord is for the well-being of the whole family that participates in this ritual. This is a ritual performed by newlywed couples seeking blessings of the lord for their happy and prosperous married life. Learn more about Lord Venketeshwara click here

Giving back to the community

India Cares’ pledges that the proceedings of all out events will be ploughed back for the betterment of needy local community as per our motto ‘Giving back to society‘.  

Ticket Sales: Ticket sales commenced and interested devotees are requested to contact following people. Please note that donors who made contributions R 1000 or more will get free entry/ticket (not exceeding 4 members-2 adults and 2 kids).

Donate to the event

The public are urged to contribute to the event by depositing into the following account.

  • India Cares
  • Standard Bank
  • Acc No: 006989713
  • Br Code: 004205
  • Ref: SVK 2018 – (Donor Name)

Please contact anyone of the following organizers for more information:

  1. Satish Nrusimhadevara (0646546457)
  2. Ravi Vadapalli (0769554549)
  3. Ram Mahavadi (0725424862)
  4. Raghava Reddy (0846279040)
  5. Rajasimha Iruvanti (0718521333)
  6. Dr. Rajnikanth Reddy (0828892260)
  7. Sreekanth Kalluri (0835014491)
  8. Raghu Malladi (0824734147)

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