Samantha Akkineni opens up over her possessive ex boyfriend

After performing in three blockbusters in 2018 – RangasthalamMahanati and Irumbu Thirai – Samantha Akkineni opened up about her ex-boyfriend. In the film, Mahanati Gemini Ganesan’s character’s extra-marital affair causes the personal and professional downfall of the protagonist, Savitri. Comparing her ex to Gemini Ganesan’s character, the actor spoke to a Telegu daily about walking out of the relationship when she could.

Even I would have fallen into such crisis in my personal life like Savitri did. But, thankfully, I realised it in the beginning and walked out of the relationship as soon as I sensed that it could end up bad. And then I’m blessed to have a person like Naga Chaitanya in my life. He’s a gem of everything. – Samantha Akkineni, Actor

Samantha Akkineni was romantically involved with actor Siddharth, whom she dated for almost two-and-a-half years. However, Samantha broke it off when she realised they weren’t on the same page regarding the idea of marriage. While Samantha wanted to marry him, Siddharth didn’t want to get involved. It was also rumoured that Siddharth used to get immensely possessive about Samantha.

(Source: India Today)

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