Kenyan man jailed for selling cat meat to hotel & local vendors used as samosa filling

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Kenyan man jailed for selling cat meat to hotel & local vendors used as samosa filling

A Kenyan Court has sentenced a food vendor to three years in prison or pay a fine of after pleading guilty to slaughtering approximately 1000 cats for human consumption. James Mukangi Kimani was charged with slaughtering cats for human consumption in contravention of the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substance act.

The court heard that Kimani was found slaughtering the cat for meat at around 1:30 pm for human consumption in a manner that was deceptive, as the consumers had no knowledge of the type of meat they would be consuming. The cat meat was sold to unsuspecting samosa vendors since 2012 and a local hotel.

He faced a second count of slaughtering an animal on June 24, 2018 at an open ground opposite the Provincial General Hospital, which is an undesignated place contrary to Regulation of the Meat Control Act.

The prosecution asked the court to take in to consideration the deception of slaughtering a cat against the food and drugs act and selling it to unsuspecting consumers against the public health laws. “Consumers are grieving at the moment. They are still traumatized after they found out that they have been consuming samosas packed with cat meat without their consent,” argued Margret Mogaka, the public health prosecutor.

The prosecution asked that the exhibit (cat’s carcass) be disposed by the Public Health Department as it was decomposing which the court granted.

On mitigation, the accused said that he was framed up and had no intention of hurting anyone. “I was offered a job and promised a pay at the end of it. I did not know that it was an offence,” Kimani pleaded.

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