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#RELATIONSHIPS: Durban mum, Kas Naidoo, is a woman on a (relationship) mission. The 51-year old from Glenwood is a specialist matchmaker who has helped scores of professional men and women find their soulmates over the past 12 years.

Naidoo, who owns Executive Matchmaking, is determined to make a positive difference to the social fabric of South Africa by reducing the divorce rate.

“I have interviewed hundreds of people to find out why some people remain alone even though they have so much to offer a partner; why other people find their “supposed” perfect partner, only to have that relationship end in divorce, and I have also interviewed happy couples to see what makes a relationship last a lifetime. My mission is to reduce the divorce rate by helping people, not only find their perfect partner, but also to create deeply loving, mutually supportive, sustainable relationships.”

How her journey began

Originally from KwaDukuza, Naidoo began the business following her divorce. “Life became extremely lonely and I found that other than work colleagues, I was quite isolated. I began to wonder where people go to meet people of the same calibre as themselves. I realized that there must be thousands of others exactly like me – good people, who have a lot to offer the right person, but have no idea where to find them. That’s when I realised that I could offer a service to help people find their ideal partners.”

Powered by a stoic commitment to reduce the South African divorce statistics, Naidoo’s matchmaking service offering targets high-end professionals and CEO’s. “It is strictly for people who are single, divorced or widowed who are looking for a serious, healthy, sustainable relationship with one special person. These are people who are financially and emotionally in a good place and who also take care of themselves physically. I do not take on clients who are married or separated,” explains Naidoo.

Signing up for a professional matchmaking service is a strategic choice these days for those who have had enough of the online dating gamble or those who are busy with their careers and businesses and don’t know where to go to find the right partner. The search for a soul connection has to be personalized and this is where Naidoo shines. She meets each of her clients to understand their personalities, aspirations and relationship goals and get insight into their values and interests as well as what they are looking for in a partner so she can introduce them to someone who shares the same relationship goals and life aspirations.

Naidoo’s role in creating happy relationships doesn’t end at an introduction. As one of KZN’s leading relationship coaches, she is able to provide couples with the communication and problem-solving tools required to build healthy, contented, lasting relationships.

It is this mission-driven approach that makes Naidoo circumspect about the clients she takes on. She firmly believes that emotional undercurrents need to be addressed first before seeking a new relationship. “If I feel that a client is still hurting from a break-up, I suggest coaching before meeting a new partner. If we carry unresolved issues, it will definitely impact the new relationship in a negative way.” Naidoo offers a Find Your Soulmate Now workshop that helps people release the past, clearly identify what they want in a new relationship and helps them attract the ideal partner. When we do the inner work first, it’s easier to attract the right partner.”

As society changes at a dizzying pace presenting more social challenges, Naidoo’s belief in “happily ever after” fuels her quest to stem the tide of divorce. “I believe that everyone deserves to be loved and adored and to experience that kind of great love that inspires you to live your best life. I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. When we feel happy, secure and inspired in our relationships, we are better able to create success in our businesses or careers, we put more energy into being healthy and looking good and we have more to offer our family and friends.”

If you are interested in finding your soulmate you can connect with Kas here: kasturi@telkomsa.net


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