REVEALED: The butcher with the BEST chicken sausages in Durban!

So where can you find the most succulent chicken sausages in Durban?

There were 12 contestants and three of them outranked everyone in the various areas of our criteria.

Why chicken sausages?

Increasingly the health conscious consumers are substituting chicken sausages for pork sausages since the chicken has less fat. Typically chicken sausage is made of dark meat, but many fresh versions contain chicken breast. Chicken sausage typically has fewer calories and fat than pork sausage and full-fat beef sausages.

Who did we taste test?

The following butchers were selected after their products went into preparation and were plated for tasting, Chatsworth Shoprite, Crossmoor, Star Meats, Emam Bux, B. Nagiahs Mutton Market,  Larnies (Superspar Chatsworth), Larnies (Superstar – Phoenix), Deena’s Butchery, United Fish and Meats – Umhlatuzana, Kennedy Mutton Market, Plaza Meats, Plaza Meats, Medina Butchery.

The top ranked butcher’s include the following in first to third place winners.

First place winner went to B. Nagiahs Mutton Market for their Chicken Tikka Sausage product and the second place winner to Star Meats for their Chicken Tikka Sausage and the third place win to Crossmoor Meat Market for their Chicken Sausage.

The Indian Spice team of tasters rated them on taste, texture and aftertaste based on the essentials of the five sensory mechanisms. Those sensory mechanisms were of taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing amongst other criteria.

Indian Spice will be hosting the #FindMySausage tasting competition annually that will focus on the Gauteng province in 2019. This event will be commending those butchers who craft the best products for their consumers.

The winning sausages came out from B. Nagiah’s who outranked every other butcher in the market across our Durban contestants.

Khan commented, “It was truly an experience to see the quality & flavour boundaries being pushed and innovation in product crafting explored at the top 3 butchers.”

Editor, Naufal Khan visited the butcher and chatted to Ashen Singh PRO for B. Nagiah’s Durban Stores, after awarding them the 1st place category-win.

The chicken tikka sausage product of B. Nagiah’s has out done all the other butchers that were tested in the taste test. What is it that sets your product apart from the other butchers?

“We only use the highest quality deboned chicken, which is the major component of our chicken tikka sausage together with our secret spices, blended with other herbs which is manufactured in a clinical temperature controlled environment. The uniqueness of our sausages is that they are made by highly trained B. Nagiah’s staff, who are doing the same sausage production for the past decade. They have mastered our recipe to a skill and fine art, therefore there is consistency in the finished product. We also pride ourselves with making fresh sausages daily, so that you are eating today’s sausage today. The Chicken Tikka is one of our fastest selling sausage within our stores; once the customers taste it they are hooked onto it.”

“Asheen, in light of this celebratory win coming in first from a range of competitive butchers I would like to know what makes B. Nagiah’s the choice butcher for consumers.”

What are the latest products that customers can expect from B. Nagiah’s.

We are constantly adding to our range of exclusive products. In commemoration of the Chennai Super Kings recent IPL Win 2018, we have produced a Chennai Super Charged Sausage, which is packed with loads of flavour and heat.

Last week we launched our exclusive homemade fish cakes. It is packed with the freshest deboned hake, our secret spices, and fresh herbs.

We also are launching a 2018 Soccer World Cup Mutton Wors, which is ideal for a game braai during the World Cup Games.

What would you say is the success behind B. Nagiah’s

Warren Buffet once said “Someone is sitting in the shade today cause someone once planted a tree many years ago”

I am fortunate to be shaded by the trees planted by my forefathers over a period of 100 years, along with the inheritance of their skill in serving our customers and their pride in providing the best quality produce always.

This year we celebrate 100 years in the meat industry in Durban and 10 years in Johannesburg. After being in the industry for 100 years we gained wealth of knowledge from the many generations before me which has been passed down, we strive daily to evolve in line with the changing standards and needs of our customers.

Finally the to answer you question I would say staying humble, keeping our staff satisfied and always striving for the best quality. We were the first butcher shop to offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on anything that you purchase from us.

Congratulations to the top three! 

Indian Spice will be hosting the #FindMySausage tasting competition annually that will focus on the Gauteng province in 2019. This event will be commending those butchers who craft the best products for their consumers.

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  1. I always shop at B Naigahs butcherThey have the freshest meats ever,I would recomend this place to get ur meats every body – regards

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