The hunt is on for the best chicken sausages in the city of Durban

There goes a saying that most of you would agree upon – “Laws are like sausages, you should never see them made.”

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Indian Spice Find My Sausage campaignI do agree with that statement BUT there will be a point when you are hungry to know what exactly you are eating and that’s what happened to us at Indian Spice. Recently, we had the unfortunate experience tasting one of the most-vile chicken sausages ever made on an outing.

Since we work 24/7 most days, this turned out to be my light bulb moment – I wanted to find out where would be the best butcher outlet for chicken sausages in Gauteng and Durban?

Fast forward to the next day – we huddled together over some latte’s at Starbucks discussing our plan of action for project codenamed #FindMySausage.

While it’s apparent everyone loves a succulent, juicy and tasty hotdog, it does pose the question about where the best sausages can be purchased in Durban?

Increasingly the health conscious consumers are substituting chicken sausages for pork sausages since the chicken type has less fat. Typically chicken sausage is made of dark meat, but many fresh versions contain chicken breast. Chicken sausage typically has fewer calories and fat than pork sausage and full-fat beef sausages.

Who has the most succulent sausages in eThekwini?

The Indian Spice team drew up a list of butcheries in Durban that we should visit and purchase their chicken sausages. The plan was to host a tasting session of all chicken sausage products that we would source.

Three hours later after a snap survey with our readers we had 12 butcheries nailed down to visit and hopefully find the best chicken sausages in eThekwini.

The judging day would see a panel of 6 judges who will go on to determine which of the 12 sausages go through to the finals and make the top 3 Chicken Sausages in the Kingdom of the Zulu.

Revealed! The top three butchers in Durban with the best chicken sausage products you can trust! Click here

Indian Spice Find my sausage consumer survey
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This is to be a competition that would shine light on the small goods industry and pay tribute to those brands involved who really care for their consumers’ well-being.

I booked our flight tickets for the next day and thanks to British Airways & Safair we had the best seats at the best rates.

We landed in Durban the next morning on Tuesday 29 May, 2018 and headed off to the Royal Palm Hotel in Umhlanga for our check-in. Being the hotel bunny I am – always living out of a suitcase – this was bound to be interesting as I’ve never booked in there before.

I was pretty much impressed with the room and ease of service on arrival. It is a must-experience if you need a home away from home.

We planned our routes for the next day to each of the 12 butchers to source the chicken sausages. Mind you, using the Uber services in Durban is not the best of choices but it beats driving around yourself.

That Wednesday we spent 4 hours in travel time heading off to various butchers across Durban and by the third butchery I was ready to hurl at the pungent smells that emanated from the first two butchers. However, in a bid to find Durban’s best chicken sausages we Uber’d ahead! By late Wednesday afternoon the goods were packed in a cooler-box and we headed off to our tasting–kitchen which we booked for two days.

It was rather late so we opted to begin fresh the next morning storing all chicken sausage samples away.

The sausage fest begins

This was an important day for us and our stomachs; we had the antacids on standby and the Gaviscon just in case.

My gastronomic senses were on a high as the cook prepared each product and organized them based on each butcher outlet. It was a visual feast as the products were slow-cooked giving my senses a burst from the aromas and some of them that lacked any.

As an extreme foodie enthusiast, I personally aimed to make this competition an annual affair, one that will give credit to those butchers who deserve the recognition for quality products and being the best butchers who place their customers satisfaction first.

I have been coached by some of the world’s best Michelin starred chefs, Masterchefs but most importantly, the cooks of my family to be able to know good taste in food.

The Indian Spice team of tasters rated them on taste, texture and aftertaste based on the essentials of the five sensory mechanisms. Those sensory mechanisms were of taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing amongst other criteria that of which I will talk about in the next article.

I was clear in my directive to the tasting team not to confuse taste with flavor, your sense of taste is limited in scope to what your taste buds can detect. Flavor is a composite term embracing taste, smell, and mouth feel. 

Our panel of taste-testers included 4 Indian Spice staffers and 2 wildcard consumers that were hauled in for a blind testing and of course myself.

The plating service had begun and the journey to #FindMySausage was becoming a reality. As judges, we first examine the visual appearance of the product, then once cooked we explore at the aroma, texture, composition and of course, the taste.

The tasting session lasted 4 hours and the polling began, the results were in.

So who are the 12 butchers that we visited?

Results from this chicken sausage tasting will be released next week as we find you the best chicken sausages that should be on your shopping list! We will reveal all 12 butchers that we selected and the results of the tasting.

It was truly an experience to see the quality & flavour boundaries being pushed and innovation in product crafting explored at the top 3 butchers. 

Indian Spice will be hosting the #FindMySausage tasting competition annually and will expand to a national base next year. This event will be commending those butchers who craft the best sausage products for their consumers.

Revealed! The top three butchers in Durban with the best chicken sausage products you can trust! Click here

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