Trailer of Robin Williams’s life documentary is poignant & bittersweet

The first trailer of HBO’s Robin Williams documentary has been released and it is every inch as bittersweet as you would have imagined it would be. The two-minute-long trailer opens with the voice of Williams announcing to the listeners, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to enter the human mind.” And what follows is a sequence of visuals from Williams’ life, from his stand-up shows and movies interspersed with appearances by the late actor’s friends including the likes of Billy Crystal and Steve Martin.

“Stand-up is survival, for me that’s jazz, that’s what I’ve to do,” Williams’ voice is heard saying in the trailer. Nearly a minute into the trailer and we see Martin speak about how Williams was really comfortable on stage, but behind the scenes, he was barely holding himself together.

There are beautiful photographs, lovely and nostalgia-inspiring visuals of the late master comedian and Oscar winner. But there are also a few revelations by Williams himself about his fear of abandonment and loneliness. When asked the question, “Early in life, did you have a fear of abandonment?” Williams says, “It’s a primal fear for any child, and it dictates a lot how you deal with life.”

At one point, the actor is heard saying that “there was a fear to run away from it all, to run into it all.” Towards the end of the trailer, Williams’ son Zak says that his father didn’t always feel that he was succeeding, but despite that sense of insecurity, he still was at the top of his game until the very end.

The trailer ends appropriately with the actor saying, “Come on, now. You are only given a little spark of madness, if you lose that, you are nothing.”

Williams’ struggle with drug addiction and his inherent sense of fear of being left alone are a few of the subjects that the documentary will delve into. The film called Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind will air on July 16 on HBO. It has been directed by Marina Zenovich.

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