#Chatsworth: The Sex Tapes You Been Searching For

A relationship gone sour, revenge porn what is the reason for sharing the content?

DURBAN: First it was the Lotus FM sex tapes that made news, later on Sameera Naidoo of Chatsworth was exposed by her male partner. Now a Phoenix couple are the centre of attention as their sex tapes go viral and social media is abuzz.

What are the effects of revenge porn on the victim?

When a relationship deteriorates and the break up is not an amicable one, some individuals may choose to use any explicit images that they have of their ex-partner against them as a means of “revenge” against the person who sent them.

This can be extremely damaging for the victim. Such intimate and private images are, in most circumstances, intended to be seen by the recipient only. When such an image is shared with others and even the public, that person is then not in control of who sees this picture of themselves. This lack of control and feeling of humiliation can negatively affect that victim. Originally, they might have trusted that partner enough to share such personal content with them and be reassured that the recipient would not act so maliciously.

A violation of trust such as this can leave a scar that then has the potential to negatively impact the victim psychologically and jeopardise future relationships.

You are doing more damage by you sharing it.

While this story develops here’s an evergreen message from our Aunty Vassi regarding sex tape and the aftermath that the victim has to endure. #NOTYOURPORN


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