SA President Cyril Ramaphosa heads to Chatsworth

A planned visit by President Cyril Ramaphosa to Chatsworth on Friday will be going ahead as announced today. The South African president is  visit is part of the ANC’s nationwide Thuma Mina (Send Me) campaign. 

The highly anticipated meeting will see President Ramaphosa in direct interaction with relevant stakeholders that have been invited from across a broad spectrum of organisations.  

The visit is seen as a key event amidst heightened tension between the Indian and black communities following racist utterances from both sides of the racial line.

The African National Congress’ website defines that the Thuma Mina Campaign is about the ANC reconnecting with the people through activities that improve their lives and solve their problems.  The campaign is also a way to work in partnership with the community role-players to address people’s problems and community challenges. 

Thuma Mina campaign Chatsworth

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