#SadiaSukhraj: Cops have forensic report that reveals the fatal shot that killed her

#Durban Police and state prosecutors know exactly who killed nine-year-old Sadia Sukhraj in the botched hijacking in Chatsworth in May this year.
According to sources close to the investigation, a ballistic report into the fatal shooting has been completed earlier this year was handed over to the prosecutors.
It is understood that the results of the ballistic report will be made available at the trial of Sibonelo Mkhize who was the only alleged hijacker arrested after the incident. 
Mob justice
One of the alleged hijackers died not far from the scene-beaten to death. 
Mkhize is facing a charge of murder in connection with Sadia’s death, theft of a motor vehicle and an additional murder charge for the death of his alleged accomplice.
Sadia was in the car with her father Shailendra when they were hijacked on May 28. When the hijackers drove off with Sadia in the car, an off-duty police officer and her father tried to stop the hijackers by firing at the direction of the vehicle.
Mkhize was apprehended  by an off-duty police officer who heard the sound of gunshots and suspected that someone had been hijacked in the  neighbourhood , he gave chase and made the arrest.
The case was adjourned to August 16 for further investigations.
Source: Daily News

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