Indian Aunties Get High On Marijuana For The First Time

VIDEO: We would never have thought to ever see Indian aunties getting high off weed. The Shudh Desi video titled Indian Women Smoke MARIJUANA for the First Time!. These Indian aunties spend the afternoon inhaling from a bong and slowly see the effects of the weed take place.

Have you ever smoked weed before?

(We numbered the participants from 1 to 3 from left to right)

In this interesting and funny video, SDV record three women who have never smoked marijuana before. The audience can see how long it takes for the ganja to kick in as we are notified of the time periods. When asked if they had ever smoked weed before, participant 3 said:

“At the place, where I used to work, people spoke openly about smoking weed, they used to say let’s go and have a good time.”

They each take turns to smoke from the bong. Here’s how they each reacted:

After 5 mins

No visible effects occurred after the 5-minute mark.

Participant 2 said: “It’s nice I like it, it’s alright, it’s not like what they say, nothing happened yet, we’ll see what happens.”

After 10 mins

Participant 1 compared the smell to cigarettes.

Participant 2 thought after smoking the marijuana, it seems lighter than a cigarette.

After 20 mins

Participant 3 began to feel tired.

Participant 2 jokingly replied: “Just sleep on the floor, the mosquitoes will bite you.”

They all break into laughter.

After 1 hour

By now, the participants began to feel the effects as they began talking about random topics.

After 1 hour and 30 mins

The participants were given helium balloons to inhale.

After 2 hours

All high, singing.

After 2 hours and 30 mins

Smoking Blunts.

After 3 hours

Participant 3 sings about aloo gobi!

After 4 hours 20 mins

Participants 1 and 2 have left whilst participant 3 has fallen asleep.

Watch the video here

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