Happy birthday Suriya! His top 5 cinematic moments for you

Actor Suriya turned a year older (43) on Monday. From playing supporting roles to becoming one of the leading heroes in the south Indian film industry, his journey has been very inspiring.

Unlike his peers, he tries to steer away from getting trapped in the star image. He experiments with his characters and films even as he stars in many crowd-pleasers.

Here is a look at the top five memorable scenes from Suriya’s films:


Nandha was a turning point in Suriya’s career. Helmed by National Award winner Bala, Nandha has many scenes filled with Suriya’s endearing acting. I am always moved when I see his acting in a scene where he confronts his mother (Rajashree), who refuses to forgive Nandha for killing her abusive husband while trying to defend her.

The scene comes about one hour into the movie when Nandha notices his mother checking on him. The scene demonstrates the conflict in the drama in detail. A son who can kill or die to win back his mother’s love and a mother’s dilemma, where she can’t forgive her son even as she never quits loving him. Nandha’s emotions in this particular scene are very unpredictable.

He implores his mother to take him back into her life and when his prayers fall on deaf ears, he becomes angry, frustrated, and even a bit violent.


Director Bala showed Suriya in a different light in Pithamagan. Suriya’s Sakthi was the opposite of all the characters he had played until then. It was a full-fledged comedy role. And this film happened at a time when Suriya was continuously playing roles that seemed to be different variations of Nandha.

In other words, he was playing serious, emotionally bottled up, man of few words characters. Pithamagan also had Vikram in the lead role. Vikram’s Chithan and Suriya’s Sakthi are poles apart. While Chithan never spoke, Sakthi can’t keep quiet even to save his own life. One of the best comedy scenes in the film is when Manju (brilliantly played by Laila) calls the police on Sakthi.

Before Manju’s entry into the scene, Sakthi has a lengthy monologue, which is his sales pitch for selling his fraudulent handmade ayurvedic medicine for gastric-related problems. The scene is awkward and hilarious at the same time. And it is followed by a humorous chase led by Manju to catch him.


Duraisingam is one of the most commercially successful characters in the south Indian film industry. So much so that it became a franchise. However, two other films in the Duraisingam series, Singam II and SI3 fell short of matching the high entertainment value offered by the first film, Singam (2010).

The film directed by Hari is not known for subtle performances but there is a high-voltage moment when Suriya’s Duraisingam storms into Mayil Vaaganam’s (Prakash Raj) residence and delivers an iconic punch dialogue. This is a very important scene in the film as Duraisingam goes into the enemy’s territory to personally deliver a message to his nemesis that he was not backing off from the fight and the game is on. You can’t help but burst into claps and whistles.

Vaaranam Aayiram

Suriya had undergone a massive body transformation for Gautham Menon’s Vaaranam Aayiram. The film follows Surya Krishnan’s (Suriya) and how his happy-go-lucky father Krishnan (also Suriya) inspires him to overcome all the obstacles in his life.

One of the key moments in the film for me is when teenage Surya feels helpless and boils with rage after he gets slapped by an older and bigger guy. He wants to fight him but he is also afraid. Surya practices fight moves that he would like to use on his opponent when he is alone in his room and in front of the mirror.

Suriya had also lost a massive amount of bodyweight to play the teenage version of his character.

Mounam Pesiyadhe

The 2002 film, which was directed by Ameer, had Suriya playing a character who resents the idea of being in love. While not allowing himself to get romantically involved with anyone, Suriya’s Gautham also doesn’t entertain those who are in relationships. Such is his hatred for romance. But, he eventually falls for Sandhya (played by Trisha). And he presumes even she is in love with him.

One evening Sandhya asks Gautham to meet her at a hotel. Gautham is ecstatic. He breaks into a dance and wears the best dress he has and heads out to meet Sandhya. He is all excited as he is under the impression that she is going to profess her love to him. But, something unexpected happens. A twist that leaves Gautham stunned and speechless. Sandhya introduces her fiancé to Gautham.

The scene surprisingly is not sad for some reason. It is, in fact, funny as it feels like Gautham deserved it for wreaking other people’s relationships with his anti-love campaigns. Suriya’s reaction to the shock makes it memorable and very comical.

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