#InConversation: Currychick meets Nikita Aggarwal who’s a girl with a fork!

Imagine having thousands of followers on your Instagram account? Sensational right! It is with purely fortuitous luck that our guest writer Currychick was able to meet one such unique, talented individual.

From Miss India to South African foodie enthusiasts everyone has a gastronomic affair with Nikita Aggarwal on Instagram. Our Curry Chick in Australia caught up with #agirlwithfork to learn more about her. Have a dekko

AGIRLWITHFORK also known as Nikita Aggarwal is a Delhi-born and brought up girl who is a self-confessed food addict. This agirlwithfork is an eating addict with an insatiable appetite hence she travels around the globe in pursuit of flavorsome cuisine.

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