Letter to the editor: Broken Promises does more damage to the lives of LGBT Indian people

After a very busy week I decided to spend some family time and go to the movies to watch Broken Promises. I have for a long time experienced a great deal of discomfort in my conservative Indian home over my sexual orientation. After many difficult years my family finally accepted me and we now live in harmony.

This movie opened up old wounds of the lack of acceptance of the Indian community towards homosexuals. It’s quite troubling that this movie used some of the cheap tactics of humorizing homosexuals to add some comedic relief.

Homosexuals in the Indian community face a lot of victimization and bullying, which is statistically proven by many studies carried out in South Africa and abroad. It is of importance that the Indian media helps to improve the lives of the LGBT Indians, however this is not the case.


  1. I won’t waste money to watch rubbish & other reactions
  2. Broken Promises is a ton of insults to the LGBT community

Bollywood has also let Indian homosexuals down by using LGBT people as humor elements in movies such as the popular ‘Dostana’ and many others.

I found the two homosexual themes in Broken Promises to be in very bad taste. The utterance of the word “gay” in the movie was met with responses of shock, disgust and disbelief.

This movie will do more damage to the lives of LGBT Indian people who are trying very hard to get family and societal approval.

Apart from the LGBT themes in the movie, I felt that the movie was underwhelming and lacked the magic of previous movies under the same banner.


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  1. I can only sigh, a heavy sigh, a sigh of defeat and tiredness. Fighting for human rights (and LGBTIAQ rights in particular) is an everyday statement.

    I remember as a young boy watching Bollywood movies with gay men depicted as dehumanized clowns in the overarching narrative. I looked, not so much at the scene, but the reactions it got. The laughter and what I immediately felt was underlying ridicule and prejudice, reducing a person into a non-human for amusement.

    Fast forward to 2018… Different stage, same actors. I felt like I was in a madhouse of, it was almost like the audience were hypnotized by the built in prejudices that came out through laughter.

    I sighed for the art of filmmaking used so vulgarly. I sighed for the little boy in me that was hoping for something different and I sighed for the minorities out there and in the audiences that perhaps sat next to family members and felt the ridicule in the laughter

    Being seen and validated is a long journey and to have that brutally reduced as in the scenes here…. devastating. My own journey was NOT easy and is still not (7years in) in a strong Islamic Family. The impact of this on kids and family systems has so many consequences. Language is important to me and hearing those words used in those ways… I cringed and wanted to leave.

    I’m waiting for better SA Indian movies tackling real issues with humour.

    Perhaps some funding house will hear the call

  2. Exactly , its good that it was lgbt inclusive but I just do not like the way in which these characters were portrayed .As a teenage gay closeted Indian everyday is a struggle n a battle with yourself and I don’t think this movie made it any better , especially when you have people that know nothing or have the wrong ideas about lgbtq+ folks watching this , which just makes them generalize lgbtq people . ITS SAD ! I think they should of rethought some of these scenes . i mean it was just more cringy for me than funny !

  3. On the whole, all of Kumarans movies are a waste of time. He was warned by the public but he ignored them. Previously he has disgraced himself on the small scale but now he has disgraced himself on the big scale. Luckily there are other local films that are of better standards The promise to deliver good entertainment has been broken once again. This movie should have not been passed in the first place by ty film board.