Broken Promises 4 Ever: I won’t waste money to watch rubbish & other reactions

Outrage and dismay ring across the country as the local South African movie ‘Broken Promises 4-Ever’ released last week Friday. The movie has sparked anger from the South African LGBT community as it depicted homosexuality on-screen in a stereotypical way to garner laughs from the audience.

Indian Spice received a worrying letter that outlined the unhappiness of one patron that snowballed as the reviews from various cinemagoers sharing a similar sentiment.

 The movie helmed by Garuda Motion Pictures (Kumaran Naidu) and produced by Fadeen Mia has been touted as encouraging mockery, emotional discomfort and potential violence against gay people.

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Here are some of the reactions from social media and comments received from our readers on our Whatsapp line:

I watched the movie at Cavendish Square in Cape Town. Being a gay Indian man, I found the movie which typically plays on slapstick Durban Indian humour to be extremely distasteful with a homophobic narrative. I will be writing to the broadcasting complaints commission to request it be removed from cinemas.

Dép Êche Well written movie review. This movie sadly did not live up to the hype. The story life was disjointed and dry. The LGBT themes outlined were unnecessary and humiliating for LGBT people. I cannot believe that the script writer even thought of these plots. The rating of 2/10 is accurate.

Saira Bipulprasad I would give the movie a 3/10.The actors are very stilted, story was boring??. I was expecting much more, greatly disappointed???

Hi. So I’ve watched the movie on Friday night with my husband and my family and I found the movie to be rather offensive and a mockery to the gay community. This is one of the reasons why people still have a negative perception with gay people like myself.

This really doesn’t make sense of how this movie passed all its rights to be released to the cinemas???

Shandray Govender Omg . Seriously . Can’t u say well done for a local production tht turned into a movie . What an achievement. In reality – there’s more important things to worry abt than pples ego – it’s a movie 2/10..
Look to make pple prosper instead of shutting down doors ..unbelievable n sad actually. I haven’t seen the movie but love these local productions . These actors : comedians don’t ever use social media for publicity yet they condemned /- local is leaker well done to the cast n production

Petrushka Hemraj I’d LIKE to say well done but this movie was the biggest disappointment, everyone walked out of the cinema in complete silence and that told a story itself! An insult to the LGBT community- which we know is still a taboo topic in the Indian society, there’s random scenes that made no sense at all, new characters replacing old characters, the story line was terrible – if there even was one continuous storyline, a character that walks around smelling food, the producer insists on acting but really he looks lousy – he’s trying to portray an image in the movie but it’s not done successfully ?? I’m really being honest here and not being horrible because I’m all for supporting local! Definitely a 2/10.

Waste of my money, terrible story. Cheap storyline and still waiting for the climax in the movie and the next thing the movie was over…

Valerie Govender There I was thinking I was missing out because I’d have to wait until the DVD was out before I could get it sent over to Germany… sounds like it’s not even worth my €1…. oh dear!

Desiree Rampershad It was very disappointing! Kumaran Naidu should have focused more on Directing instead of being featured in the movie. The Curse of Highway Sheila was brilliant so I am really curious as to what went wrong with Broken Promises 4ever? The unrealistic dialogues and focus on scenes that didnt add to the storyline just made this a chore to watch.

Yahya Mayet I can only sigh, a heavy sigh, a sigh of defeat and tiredness. Fighting for human rights (and LGBTIAQ rights in particular) is an everyday statement. 

I remember as a young boy watching Bollywood movies with gay men depicted as dehumanized clowns in the overarching narrative. I looked, not so much at the scene, but the reactions it got. The laughter and what I immediately felt was underlying ridicule and prejudice, reducing a person into a non-human for amusement. 

Fast forward to 2018… Different stage, same actors. I felt like I was in a madhouse of, it was almost like the audience were hypnotized by the built in prejudices that came out through laughter. 

I sighed for the art of filmmaking used so vulgarly. I sighed for the little boy in me that was hoping for something different and I sighed for the minorities out there and in the audiences that perhaps sat next to family members and felt the ridicule in the laughter.

Raganee Naidu Extremely disappointed!!!!! 2/10

Alex Terreblanche Seems like many people on the comment thread are best friends with the producers. They seem blinded by the fact that the movie is doing damage. I hope that more people come forward with their stories. How did this movie get out?

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Alex Terreblanche Local is lekker. But not when it comes at the cost of abusing people.

In my opinion I feel you judging the movie wrong. It wasn’t picking on the gay community but rather it showed how Indian people jump to conclusions rather than knowing if it’s true or not.

Report it to the Film and Publications Board they must be held accountable.

I never wanted to watch it because it’s such a bad representation of Indian people in general, but now I want to see how bad they f**k everything else up! I would rather spend my money on other films actually.

I wanted to scream, it was terrible. You’re going to lose your mind watching this junk.

I hate it when people stereotype, who the hell do they think they are? Before I comment on gay people. Let me start off by relating a story of a little boy that was in my class, I just stated my teaching career. He was in standard one, that’s grade 3.

He called me aside and said M’am I only want to wear girl’s clothes and I don’t know why! These words still ring deeply in my being – I was close to tears. I told myself this is only a child and here he is having difficulties with his sexuality. He didn’t choose to be that way and he is not promiscuous. He himself didn’t understand what was going on within himself. So my question is why do people so hastily judge others.

Gay people also have a soul with blood flowing through their veins, they are not criminals nor promiscuous. Let’s look at the Hindu pantheon; Lord Shiva has two aspects Shiva Shakti. Depends which aspect is more prominent in a person, to live that life out. Some people are so bird brained that a decent dialogue cannot be held. I will carry the banner high to defend gay people. I love them to bits just as I love everyone else.

Ravash Singh Thanks. Affordability is not the issue. I just won’t pay R80 to watch rubbish. 

ALSO READ: Broken Promises 4-Ever is a ton of insults to the LGBT community. click here

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  1. People need to get over themselves. When a movie on netflix was made depicting Jesus as a drunk and a homosexual and the mother Mary as a prostitute nobody got all high rated about that!????!!!!!!
    When partitions were put through to remove it then we hear that people have freedom of speech!!!!

    So if u not happy don’t watch it…