Regent Business School now offers Postgrad diploma in Islamic Finance Banking

In a precedent-setting move, REGENT Business School *(RBS) has launched Southern Africa’s first Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance and Banking on the back of growing global demand for Islamic banking professionals.

The qualification is one of three new one-year courses introduced by the institution to create a powerful pool of special-skilled professionals in the continent.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, the Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management and the Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance and Banking are one-year courses that offer on-site or distance-learning options to individuals who determined to fast-track career success.

“As a member of Honoris United Universities**, REGENT Business School has an established footprint across the continent for providing affordable, accredited, quality business and management education,” says Dr Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director of REGENT Business School. “The three new additions to our programme stable solidify RBS’s drive to produce career professionals who are geared towards making impactful change among various sectors in Africa. We are particularly excited to be the first education institution in South Africa to offer a postgraduate qualification in Islamic finance and banking to meet the demands of the fastest growing sector in the world.”

As one of Africa’s leading providers of business and management education, REGENT Business School introduced its new programme offerings on the back of intensive market research into the skills gap in South Africa and Africa as a whole. “Each programme is aimed at ensuring that the employability and skills agenda is addressed at an institutional level,” explains Dr Shaikh. “The new courses are yet another way in which we continue to be a leading provider of business and management education by creating a hub of specialist knowledge and skills that are both relevant and impactful.”

To this end, students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance and Banking (PG Dip IFB) will be fully equipped to make a significant contribution to the rapidly growing Islamic finance sector worldwide which, according to industry research, urgently requires 50 000 skilled professionals. A PG Dip IFB graduate will be able to successfully navigate the complexities of Islamic finance and banking, earning an attractive position on the global employability barometer.

Similarly, employees in operational and middle management positions who have practical knowledge of aspects of supply chain management can now power-up their career aspirations with the Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management. The supported distance-learning option complements full-time employees who seek the upward mobility that a formal qualification presents. The on-site learning option is designed for school-leavers who are working towards a lucrative future, particularly in the sub-disciplinary areas of supply chain management.

Over the past few decades, project management has played a crucial role in redefining winning corporate game plans within both the private and public sectors. Students signing up for REGENT Business School’s new Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management will receive top-notch training and skills so they can formulate and execute multiple projects to operationalise the strategic objectives of the business. Designed for professionals who have discipline-specific knowledge and experience, this new qualification ramps up career growth and creates infinite international opportunities for graduates.

Mid-year registrations for REGENT Business School’s new courses – Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Finance and Banking, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, and the Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management – are now open. Details at

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Since 1998, REGENT Business School (RBS) has been at the forefront of premium management education across the continent. Headquartered in South Africa, RBS’s acclaimed finance and management programmes have helped individuals and organisations build and sustain competitive advantages in a rapidly-changing, complex business environment. With campuses in all major hubs including Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria, as well as in SADC countries, Swaziland and Namibia, the institution’s alumni base of 5,000 is rapidly expanding. RBS’s four leading centres for excellence – The Institute of Entrepreneurship, The Centre for Islamic Finance and Banking, The Centre for the BRICS Business Schools Association, and The Centre for Public Sector Administration Management and Innovation – are popular with high performers who are serious about making positive, impactful change within the global finance and management sectors.

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