Whatsapp group voice and video calls rolled out for users

WhatsApp group voice and video calls feature have been rolled for all iPhone and Android users globally. WhatsApp group calls will be end-to-end encrypted, just like chats. The Facebook-owned company said in a blog post that group calling has been designed to reliably around the world in different network conditions.

“Over the last couple years, people have enjoyed making voice and video calls on WhatsApp. In fact, our users spend over 2 billion minutes on calls per day. We’re excited to announce that group calls for voice and video are coming to WhatsApp starting today,” reads a WhatsApp blog post.

WhatsApp group video can audio calls can be started by starting a one-on-one voice or video call. Users can tap on the new “add participant” icon on the top right corner during a call to add more contacts to the call. Up to four participants can be added in a group voice or video call.

WhatsApp group video and audio call features are much anticipated and were previously spotted in Android beta version 2.18.189 and v2.18.192 respectively. Both audio and video group calls allow for adding a total of up to four participants. This means a user can add three contacts, and the total participants will be four, including the user.

WhatsApp group audio, video calls: How to use

Start a one-to-one video call with a friend. An “add participant” icon on the top right should appear once call gets connected. Clicking the icon will take users directly to the contact list. Here, users can select another friend to add to group video call. A third participant can be added in a similar manner. WhatsApp group audio call can be started in a similar way.

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