Shubnum Khan: Poster Girl For Adverts She Didn’t Know About

NEWS: Shubnum Khan is a South African journalist, artist and author has become a familiar face on adverts for practically anything around the world. From dating sites, teach kids, teeth whitening and a myriad of other strange stuff, Khan’s experience is a lesson for all of you who head off to those ‘free’ professional photoshoots.  In her experience, she unwittingly signed away the rights to her image in exchange for free prints during a photoshoot. Those pictures ended up as stock images, used commercially all over the world in campaigns and fake product testimonials.

Some of the companies also went on to claim she had used their products. Khan said it is laughable when people share stories of how her fake testimonials had inspired them. “I didn’t know it was legal to give fake testimonials in any way or form. It really made me realize how much we are lied to as consumers. I’m wondering about the dating website one. Like, who do people actually meet at the end of the day, then? “For me, that was quite unbelievable. Like I don’t know how you get away with that one.”

“The most shocking of these are adverts to teach and care for kids — so who is actually with the kids? When I asked the photographer about this, he says I signed away rights to ‘distortion of character including false names,’ ” she said.

“I can easily see how we were all used,” she said. “I feel quite stupid and I don’t want other people making the same mistakes. “Don’t sign up for free photoshoots, read what you sign and also don’t believe most of the things you read on the internet,” she tweeted. “Just read the small print, obviously. Be aware,” Shubnum warns. “Don’t get caught up by the camera. Think about what you’re doing and who is benefitting – know what you’re getting into.”

She adds: “You think it’s a small thing but you sign away your face. Basically, I gave away my face for free.”

Have a look here at the various adverts that Khan has appeared in,

Source: Twitter, CNN

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