Pastor Shirley Naicker is the new shepherd for Lotus FM Gospel Hour

The new RJ, Pastor Shirley Naicker fills the hot seat following a long gap since Pauline Rosanna-Sangham was axed who presented the Sunday evening slot of the Christian-based show, Gospel Hour.

Sangham was suspended soon after alleged hate speech on social media incited the fury of the South African Muslim community.

So who exactly is Pastor Shirley Naicker?

Pastor Shirley Naicker

Naicker describes herself as a tenacious, vibrant, fun loving, compassionate, and outgoing woman with a zeal for life. The pastor has her Honours in Psychology and Theology from the University of South Africa.

She is an ordained minister, the founder and senior pastor of Soul Restorer Family Ministries and registered with the General Council of Churches South Africa.

The new radio jock is also registered with the Health and Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a Registered Counsellor.

Apart from her professional accolades, Pastor Shirley Naicker has been married for 28 years with three children and cites her family & parents support for her success in life.

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