When the Indian accent broke Facebook for SA Indians

Adventures of 9Boy & Aunty Vassi

#SOCIALMEDIA: The South African vlogger of Indian-origin shot a video where she ‘attempted’ to pronounce SA Indian colloquial terms.

In the video, the vlogger admits that she ‘does not have an Indian accent’ although she is Indian. She went on to mimic the ‘foreign’ SA Indian terms in an attempt to raise laughter,

South African Indian social media users were distraught at the video but it led to some amazing hilarious reaction videos. One of the best would have to be from Indian Spice’s minister of everything funny Adventures of 9Boy. 

The words you will hear in this video

Aiyoh Kadervuler: A term used to express shock, mind you the word Aiyoh is now part of the dictionary if you didn’t know. 

Gudhrie; a term used to describe a very weighted-down blanket that is stitched together.

Chutiya: The Indian version of calling a person Dumbass but according to Shia it’s an awesome word to describe herself as a ‘sexy chutiya’. 

Thevidiya: a word used to define a whore in tamil

Woorendah: The filling inside Gulgula’s, a delicacy prepared during religious rituals. It is usually made with Gram Dhal, desiccated coconut, elachi (cardamom) and sugar and you can find the recipe here.

Now watch below


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