Tevin Naidu under investigation by Department of Health following molestation comment

DURBAN – Doctor slash model and television personality, Tevin Naidu is at the centre of a social media storm.

This after a picture of a wedding theme photoshoot o was published on Instagram featuring himself and another model.

Naidu, a former Mr India South Africa commented on the photo using the concept of child molestation in an analogy to describe his glare at the female model.

Naidu, who is also an intern doctor with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health and TV presenter posted the photo which he captioned:

“Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at her (Like a molester who found his next victim),” he wrote. 

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It did not take long for social media to pick up the offending comment and lashed out what was being described as uncalled for.

One Facebook user, Trianne Amarchund, posted the message on her profile and it was widely shared on Facebook, leading to Naidu locking all his social media profiles.

tevin naidu comments

The Department of Health in KwaZulu-Natal said the matter was being dealt with internally by management of the King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban, where Naidu is an intern doctor.

Department spokesperson Ncumisa Mafunda said: “The Department wishes to condemn in the strongest terms a social media post attributed to one of its intern doctors. This matter is being dealt with internally. The department urges all its employees to familiarise themselves with social media guidelines for personal use on social media, as set out by the Government Communications and Information Systems”. 

Mafunda said all government employees should always think before they post, and should use their common sense.

“Government employees should remember that even if they act or speak in a personal capacity, their position as government employees may be known to anyone in the potential audience and may be misunderstood or misrepresented as an official position,” said Mafunda.

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