A riot of colour as sarees drape the Durban beachfront

It was a day of elegance and pride for the people of Durban as the annual Durban Beach Saree Stroll was held this past Sunday in South Africa.

The Saree Stroll is the brainchild of Kamlesh Gounden and Natalie Lange who, being avid collectors of elegant saris, wanted to celebrate the beauty and grace of this versatile garment. The event attracts hundreds of women from across cultures and backgrounds.

How it all began

There were two friends having (okay, which version do you want? A cup of tea? A glass of wine?) together, and chatting…. And the one friend (Natalie Lange) asked the other, “Why don’t I see women in Sari’s in the streets any more? I remember, in my youth, that women walked on the streets wearing Sari’s.” The other friend (Kamlesh Gounden) replied, “Nowadays we mainly wear them to events, such as weddings, prayers, funerals and concerts.”

There was a simultaneous light-bulb moment. Both friends agreed that a garment of this nature which is usually reserved for special occasions, is a garment that should also be showcased throughout our beautiful city…wouldn’t that be grand?

The potential for fun, excitement, and rainbow of colors paved the way for a jovial street event, and the Annual Saree Stroll was born.

The event has grown in popularity with more than 600 women from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds taking part.

The elegance and beauty of the sari is celebrated while acknowledging the similarity of issues, fears and aspirations that are shared by women.

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