Celebrating 379 years of Madras has begun in Chennai

CHENNAI: The week-long celebrations that are in honor of the city will include a slew of cultural and technological events to sensitise public about the historic city in India.Home is where namma Madras is. On this Madras Day on August 22, Tamil Nadu’s capital city celebrates its 379th birth anniversary.Madras Week started off as Madras Day 15 years ago to celebrate the founding of the city on August 22, 1639. The event has now become a  Madras Month judging by the programming last year. The celebrations this year are are scheduled to be spread throughout August and will go into the first week of September.To commemorate which, Madras Week celebrations will be in full swing during August 22-28. S Mutthiah, renowned historian and one of the people responsible for creating the day, had said that the primary motive of celebrating Madras Day was to focus on the city, its past and present.Chennai is home to beautiful imperial architecture, intricately designed temples and famous beaches. And the week-long celebrations paying a tribute to all that will include heritage walks to the city’s beautiful architectural wonders, food festivals, film screenings and public performances. Click through to see the beauty that is Chennai.A college student who recollects the Madras Week celebrations last year, said, “I had spent all my 22 years of life at Chennai, but was unaware of its rich heritage. The Madras Week celebrations sensitised me about the history behind epic buildings and the surprising facts about the city.”Art and photographic exhibitions would be organised by hotels and bookstalls, besides organising food festivals with Madras cuisine as the theme.Various organisations will be active participants – Madras Naturalists’ Society, the photography group Nizhal, Observer Research Foundation, the Roja Muthiah Research Library, the CP Ramaswami Aiyar Centre, The Press Institute of India, the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach) Chennai Chapter, Cycling Yogis, Doshi Housing and Yocee.MADRAS WEEK PROGRAMS SCHEDULEJULY – AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2018INTACH, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, a non profit organization is dedicated to preservation and conservation of our heritage to bequeath it to the younger generation to enjoy and comprehend in depth Indian history and culture.To achieve these goals, they organize walks, exhibitions, awareness programmes, workshops to create awareness of our tangible and intangible heritage.INTACH Chennai Chapter’s bouquet of programs for this year’s Madras Day Celebrations run from late July to early September and is as follows. There will be something of interest to everyone across age groups.On the 14th July INTACH Heritage Club was inaugurated at ‘Anjuman Tarana’ girls’ school for students.On the 20th July there will be a Talk by Sheela Balaji on “My Journey on the Heritage Rice Trail”.On the 27th July the Chennai round of the INDIA HERITAGE QUIZ 2018 will be held at Vidhyodaya School, T Nagar. Chennai winners will go on to the Zonal finals.On the 19th August the Madras High Court walk will be led by Mr. N. L. Rajah. It will cover the grounds, Buildings and the Museum of the High Court and will be free of charge.On the 27th August a session on Environment and Waste Management – Plastic recycling, composting etc., will be held for school children.On the 30th August Talk on “Paper Jewels – Postcards from the Raj” by Omar Khan will cover a 500 vintage Postcard Tour of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka with a Book release by Mapin Publishing.On the 6th & 7th September a Training workshop for school teachers will be conducted on Heritage to create awareness among children.Other events to look forward to
  • Walk of Theosophical Society at Adyar.
  • Walk of the Marina.
  • Book reprint release – Madras the Architectural Heritage on INTACH publication.
  • Collage work by school children on Anti-Plastics and creating a green environments.
At the Press Institute of India, CPT Campus, TaramaniAugust 20, Monday, 5pm: Rediscovering the graceful arch bridges of Madras. A presentation by D.  Hemachandra RaoAugust 23, Thursday, 5pm: Agni Vasantham – Audience with Aravaan in the streets of Chennai. A presentation by Meenakshi  MadanAugust 24, Friday, 5pm: A peep into the 2000-year-old Sangam Age through Bharathanatyam. A lec-dem by Lakshmi Ramaswamy.August 25, Friday, 5pm: Gujili Ilakkiyam – Voice of the Madras Layman. A lec-dem by Nivedita Louis.enhanced-buzz-wide-1690-1408702576-15 enhanced-buzz-wide-5248-1408699947-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-5883-1408698218-15 enhanced-buzz-wide-7095-1408699803-25 enhanced-buzz-wide-9105-1408698323-11 enhanced-buzz-wide-10558-1408702304-20 enhanced-buzz-wide-14240-1408700293-13 enhanced-buzz-wide-14978-1408704044-11 enhanced-buzz-wide-15614-1408701629-17 enhanced-buzz-wide-18296-1408701844-11 enhanced-buzz-wide-30247-1408698571-14 grid-cell-1690-1408700516-2 grid-cell-4683-1408700926-4 grid-cell-4683-1408700927-7 grid-cell-5792-1408700360-0 grid-cell-5792-1408700361-3 grid-cell-7106-1408699861-4 grid-cell-9625-1408699116-0 grid-cell-9625-1408699118-5 grid-cell-11364-1408703285-20 grid-cell-11364-1408703286-23 grid-cell-12526-1408703151-14 grid-cell-12526-1408703152-17 grid-cell-12526-1408703153-20 grid-cell-14960-1408704157-0 grid-cell-14960-1408704158-3 grid-cell-15609-1408700440-0 grid-cell-15609-1408700442-5 grid-cell-28323-1408701319-2 grid-cell-28323-1408701320-7 original-3526-1408702799-3 original-20287-1408699411-8 

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