The website's homepage ( displayed a recipe for the “Kerala Spicy Nadan Beef Curry”.

Hindu Mahasabha website hacked, ‘beef curry’ recipe posted

INDIA: The Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha’s official website was hacked by Team Kerala Cyber Warriors on Friday. 

The website’s homepage ( displayed a recipe for the “Kerala Spicy Nadan Beef Curry”.

The hacking was in a response to the ABHM chief Swami Chakrapani’s controversial remarks.  Chakrapani insisted that only those who do not consume beef should be helped in Kerala floods.

The website also flashed a message for “Chakrapani psycho”, saying “We respect people for their character and not for their food habits.”

Chakrapani who is a self-styled godman stated that many innocent people died in the floods because a few people kill cows and exhibit in shops. “Those people who were eating cow meat in Kerala until now-they used to cut up the cow and present it, they used to tease the environment and those who consider the cow sacred. They used to cut up cows and eat it and distribute it. The way they insulted the cow and killed it, this is the consequence of that,” Chakrapani had told the Indian news publication, Times Now.

“Even innocents have been affected in Kerala today because of their misdeeds. Those who eat cow meat over there or are involved in killing cows, they should not be given any relief at all-whether it’s from the government or in kind,” he had said.

“If there is any emergency, they must take a pledge that they will never eat meat in the future. Those who eat cow meat are the incarnation of the devil himself. If courts cannot probe cow killings, if governments cannot act against it, this is why the environment is reacting this way–it is taking revenge. If you upset the natural environment, this is how it will react,” Chakrapani added.

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