Lotus FM staffer apologizes for Kerala floods rant; does not take down offending post

Kerala and its displaced people are reeling from the aftermath of the unprecedented floods that left over 230 people dead and many injured, causing colossal damage to the property and infrastructure of the state.

Earlier Indian Spice reported on the South African radio jock’s offending tweet where he implied that Keralites deserved the devastation according to his religious beliefs.

Sinath who is employed at Lotus FM, the indian lifestyle PBS owned by SABC caused outrage on social media with readers calling him out for his insensitive tweet. 

Following a meeting with the GM of Lotus FM, Sinath resorted to issuing an apology on his Twitter timeline. His apology stated, 

Hare Krsna. It seems that my post of Kerala floods have upsetted many. I do apologize for the any hurtful messages or post. My intention was to hightlight the protection of COWS and not at the Victims of the floods. #cowprotection is an important aspect in my religious beliefs. 

Diresh Sinath on Twitter

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However, Sinath has not taken down the offending post which is still available on Twitter. 

SABC Spokesperson, Ms. Momudu has not responded to questions as yet when approached for comment. 

ALSO READ: Social media users react to Lotus FM staffer’s offending Kerala disaster tweet

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  1. Hi,
    As a true devotee of Hara Krishna u should not be making comments as such. I have been to Kerala most people are Christian and there are more churches and Christian schools there hence the beef eating. This flood did not choose and particular religion but all people of different faiths suffered. My heart goes to all those that lost their homes and loved ones. Religion should teach one to be tolerant.

    On the other topic of gay people in society, its sad in this day and age people are so unkind to the gay society. How can we live in peace when we have such narrow mindsets and views. Religions have only divided people, find a spiritual course that unites all of mankind.



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