ISKCON distances organisation from Diresh Sinath’s offensive rant

The International Society for Krsna Consciousness issued a statement this Saturday morning over Lotus FM staffer, Diresh Sinath’s rant on social media. 

Earlier Indian Spice reported on Diresh Sinath’s offensive social media rant which he came under fire for. Sinath suggested that the Indian state of Kerala and their people deserved the devastation for consumption of beef. 

Kerala and its displaced people are reeling from the aftermath of the unprecedented floods that left over 230 people dead and many injured, causing colossal damage to the property and infrastructure of the state.

“ A multi-agency rescue mission involving the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, the National Disaster Response Force, and several others has tackled head-on the worst natural calamity in the State’s recent history.” Navy personnel airlift a boy during a rescue operation in Paravur in Kollam. | Photo Credit: AFP

Sinath defended his tweet by quoting religious standpoints according to the teachings of ISKCON.

He also stated that if the religious centre for Krsna devotees, Mayapur were to be devastated by floods that they deserved it as well.

Damage control: Lotus FM moves swiftly on the matter

His employer, Lotus FM instituted disciplinary action by yesterday afternoon leading to an apology from Sinath. But on the same note, Sinath has still not removed the offending tweet. 

Sinath was not on-air since last night, we can speculate that he is undergoing SABC process similar to what other DJ’s have experienced when bringing the brand of SABC into disrepute.

It is not clear if Sinath will be released from his contract at the broadcaster. 

The statement from ISKCON reads

“The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has at its core mission a deeply rooted commitment to compassion and genuine care for all life. ISKCON’s extensive local and global food relief which has served more than 3 billion meals in communities around the world and the 65 eco-villages and farms established reflect genuine commitment to this purpose.

As such, ISKCON distances itself from comments made by Diresh Sinath on social media. The comments made by him do not in any way represent the views of ISKCON.

ISKCON is deeply concerned by the disaster that has unfolded and is working with ISKCON leaders in Kerala to provide further assistance to the ongoing relief efforts. 

Community members who would like to assist in this regard are encouraged to contact us at


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