Adam Catzavelos

Adam Catzavelos: Family business fires him, sports brand Nike issues statement

The family of Adam Catzavelos have reportedly dismissed him from the business, St George’s Fine Foods.

Adam Catzavelos

In a video shared online‚ Catzavelos‚ the former marketing director of the family business based in  Johannesburg‚ uses the k-word to celebrate the fact that no black people were present at a beach he visited. It is unclear when or where the video was taken.

According to radio talk show host Eusebius McKaiser, he tweeted a copy of what he says is the family’s statement. 

The statement reads:

“It is abhorrent and we fully disassociate ourselves from the sentiments expressed. We reject racism in any form. Adam Catzavelos has been dismissed with immediate effect from the family business‚ St George’s Fine Foods‚ and his minority shareholding will be unwound as soon as practically possible.

“Given the high-profile nature of this development‚ the business has been temporarily closed for the protection of all its staff. We have no further comment at this stage.”

The company is under fire on social media and on the internet. Its website cannot be accessed and as of this morning, the company’s Google Review rating had plummeted to one star, after numerous reviews lambasting Catzavelos’s behaviour was posted.

Nike distances company from racist, Adam Catzavelos

In a short statement Nike said Adam Catzavelos was not their employee.

“Nike opposes discrimination and has a long-standing commitment to diversity‚ inclusion and respect. We believe in the power of human potential in everyone – of every race‚ religion‚ nationality‚ gender and sexual orientation.

“We can also confirm that Adam Catzavelos is not a Nike employee‚” the company stated.

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