B. Nagiah's Latest Special Deals

Here’s the latest best offers you can expect at B. Nagiah’s this week!

BEST DEALS: B. Nagiah’s smashing through prices for food lovers market in Gauteng and KZN from veggies, pre-cooked quick meals, fish and meat products!

The iconic family business that started in Chatsworth has been bringing families together around hearty meals making B. Nagiah’s a part of your family. The preferred butcher, fishmonger and fresh produce supplier to the South African Indian community of KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. Always committed to bringing you the lowest prices in South Africa!

We are committed to sustaining you and your family through this difficult time, that is why we will be operational throughout the lockdown and fully stocked with the most unbeatable prices !

NB. We care about your health and safety hence we advise that you help us help you by your practicing social distancing , prepare a shopping list if possible so that you can shop faster and limit crowd contact .

Please ensure that you sanitize your hands before entering our stores and always be considerate .

B Nagiah’s

B. Nagiah’s is your one-stop-shop you can be guaranteed freshness! Did you know that B. Nagiah’s ranks number one in ‘Best Taste’ for their chicken tikka sausages in KwaZulu Natal?

B. Nagiah’s Latest Specials

B Nagiahs specials
To place orders via Whatsapp & receive the latest specials from B. Nagiahs’ on-the-fly, subscribe to their WhatsApp service by clicking here

You can be guaranteed 100% quality freshness from any of the B. Nagiah’s. Weekly specials always available where you can be assured of freshness from everything you purchase at B. Nagiah’s.

B Nagiah’s Spice Market

Hot , mild or wild
You will find every flavor at our store. Come in for a spice adventure!

Is B. Nagiah’s halal?

The lamb & sheep product range at B. Nagiahs is sourced from supplier that slaughters according to the Islamic halal custom and procedure. As an independent butcher, B. Nagiahs in not a halal store, nor are we affiliated with any Muslim body. Purchasing you meat range from B. Nagiahs is a personal choice as is procurement from any supermarket.

Where to find B. Nagiah’s stores

To place orders via Whatsapp & receive the latest specials from B. Nagiah’s on the fly, subscribe to their WhatsApp service by clicking here

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