How to prepare porridge for Marieamman prayer

The Mariamman festival has various aspects to it, one such aspect is that the divine Mother had healed the sick with fermented porridge.

The question one would ask then is, WHY PORRIDGE?

The porridge has a cooling effect on the system especially in the hot months of summer in India. This porridge brings great relief to the digestive system.


How to prepare the porridge?

The porridge is prepared by taking the required amount of mealie meal and soaking it in a pot of water for a period of 5 or 7 or 9 days for it to ferment.

On the day of the prayer the fermented mealie meal is transferred into another pot and brought to boil.

Once the porridge is cooked it must be cooled. Sour milk, chopped onions, shallot and salt is added to the porridge and mixed.

The porridge is then poured into either 3 or 7 or 9 containers which is offered unto Shree Mariamman before consumption by the devotees. It is believed that when this porridge is consumed after offering it to Amma, it contains a special power or (Shakthie) which heals any internal sickness and ailment.


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