Shrien Dewani
The new couple, back, are seen posing with the Dewani family in a restaurant over Christmas

Shrien Dewani’s family have accepted his new love interest

Dewani, 38, has been enjoying holidays in Ibiza and India with Brazilian-born photographer Gledison Lopez Martins and has confirmed his new love on the internet.

Anni’s father Vinod Hindocha said: ‘He has been to Mumbai with his boyfriend and that hurts us greatly. That was the place that Anni married him.

‘I would have thought that he would keep that place in his heart especially for that memory.’

Dewani, a millionaire care home owner, walked free in 2014 after being found not guilty of masterminding the murder of the honeymoon bride who was gunned down in South Africa.

On the first day of his murder trial Anni’s unsuspecting family heard him confess to paying male prostitutes for sex.

They said Anni, 28, would never have married him had she been aware of his sexuality.

Today Mr Hindocha said: ‘He kept his gay secret from my daughter and from her family. How could he have had it in his heart to do that? It was an utter disgrace.

‘Now I learn that he has fallen for another man. That is no surprise. I am not against gay people in any way at all. Just this man.

‘He has been to Mumbai with his boyfriend and that hurts us greatly. That was the place that Anni married him.

‘I would have thought that he would keep that place in his heart especially for that memory. But no. He goes there with his gay lover and parades him around. I hate that day he married her. And I’ll never be able to see Mumbai with the same eyes.

‘He was even looking at gay websites while I sat in the hotel having gone to South Africa to help him and bring Anni’s body home.

‘We will never get Anni back and we will never recover from agreeing her marriage to this man. We miss her every minute of every day.’

Anni’s uncle Ashok said: ‘If he’s been to Ibiza I hope he enjoyed the beaches.

‘My family and I will never be able to in the same way because Anni loved the beach and every time we have tried to go we have left in tears.

‘Her memory and the things she loved hurts us today and always will.

‘Shrien still hasn’t made time to sit down and talk with us. My brother Vinod (Anni’s father) deserves to hear from his son-in-law and about how he’s been able to move on.

‘We have not moved on or had a word from him. We accept he did not murder Anni, but he lied to us and had a very secret gay life. He owes us an apology for his lies.

‘We only came to know about him sleeping with men at his trial.

‘But if Shrien had told us the truth about his sexuality before the marriage, Anni would never have married him or gone to South Africa where she was shot dead.’

The businessman – whose wife Anni Dewani was gunned down in a robbery in South Africa shortly after their wedding in 2010 – has been in a relationship with Brazilian-born photographer for about 18months.

The couple have recently holidayed on the Spanish party island of Ibiza and attended a fancy dress party. Dewani was photographed snuggling up with his new love as they enjoyed a holiday in India.

Dewani’s family, who had no idea about his sexuality when he married Anni, appear to have accepted their son’s new boyfriend.

His Brazilian lover, who has Spanish nationality, was invited to their family home for Christmas last year.

Dewani’s parents, Shila and Prakash, are Facebook friends with Martins and the Dewani family has attended a fancy dress party with him.

The couple have posted several loved-up photographs and videos including a film taken on a train in India in which Dewani rests his head on Martins’ chest.

Martins has posted a portrait of Dewani on his website. He also uploaded a photograph of them, heads together, labelled ’23 Oct 2017, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia’, which is in a suburb of Ibiza.

On the first day of his Cape Town trial, Dewani revealed he had been visiting gay prostitutes and was bisexual.

Anni’s family said they had no clue he was romantically involved with men or had been paying for sex until his trial began.

During his engagement, Dewani told Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, that he did not want to have sex before marriage which made a good impression.

But later it was revealed that he had been paying a male prostitute known as the ‘German Master’ for sex.

The man, whose real name was Leopold Leisser, was found hanged in September 2016 at his Birmingham home in what was believed to have been a suicide.

Dewani, who did not give evidence at his trial, has spoken publicly only once about his wife’s murder, for which three men were later convicted.

In a letter to a London coroner in November 2016, he referred to the three convicted men as ‘liars’, stating that there had been an attempt to frame him.

He wrote: ‘I would like to make clear that I have a significant number of questions which remain unanswered about the night that my wife and I were kidnapped and Anni was tragically shot after being taken away from me.

‘Each of the gang members did a deal with the authorities to gain either full immunity or vastly reduced sentences in return for providing evidence against me.

‘It is the evidence of these proven liars that led to a witch hunt against me and the resulting failure to pursue the truth of what happened that night.

‘It is clear that none of the evidence provided by these persons was corroborated in any meaningful way.

‘This has allowed the individuals concerned to literally get away with murder. I understand and share the Hindocha (Anni) family’s frustrations.

‘However the extent of my knowledge of the events leading up to Anni’s murder has already been set out in a detailed publicly available plea. This document was read out in court at the start of my trial.’

Anni, a Swedish-raised engineer was 28 years old and only weeks into marriage when she was shot dead as the couple toured a rough suburb of Cape Town on November 13, 2010.

Three men – Zola Tongo, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and Xolile Mngeni – were given jail terms for their role in the killing.

They claimed Dewani arranged the hijacking in which he would survive and his wife would be killed, which he also strenuously denied.

The Cape Town judges ruled their evidence was flawed and the case was thrown out before Dewani could give evidence in the witness box.

The trial was riddled with delays while swathes of evidence were dismissed or considered irrelevant to the case.

He said his life was spared as the two gunmen forced him out of the vehicle at gunpoint, before murdering his new bride.

The trial was delayed for nearly four years after her death in 2010 while Dewani struggled to overcome mental health issues brought on by the trauma of his wife’s murder.

He was extradited to face his accusers, but the judge stopped the case saying witnesses were lying and he was declared innocent.

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