My butcher son & Miguel Louw; suspects father speaks out

Ebrahim Shah the father of the suspect

The vanishing of 9-year-old Miguel Louw has haunted the dreams of Sheik Ebrahim Shah‚ the man whose son is the police’s prime suspect in the disappearance of the missing schoolboy.

Ebrahim Shah the father of the suspect

Police and security personnel discovered the badly decomposed body of a boy – thought to be Miguel – in a ravine in Phoenix‚ just pace’s from Shah’s home on Monday afternoon.

And while Shah’s son‚ 43-year-old Mohammed Ebrahim‚ who worked as a butcher, sits in a cell while awaiting trial‚ his family wait in fear for the backlash from the community that surrounds them.

“I lie awake at night because all I have been thinking about is this baby [Miguel]. I have my own grandson who is 9-years-old and if something like this happened to him I can’t imagine how I would feel‚” he said.

He was speaking to TimesLIVE as police examined the grim crime scene less than 100m from the home.

In a thicket they had found the body of a boy matching Miguel’s description. The body was clad in a school uniform‚ adding purchase to the notion that Miguel’s body had been found some six weeks after he vanished.

“I am disheartened and I am hurt… I’m so hurt. We have been reading about what happened down there and‚ to be honest with you‚ I feel like I am not the same person I was before this‚” the 77-year-old said.

Source: TimesLIVE

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