Diresh Sinath axed from Lotus FM over controversial Kerala tweet

Diresh Sinath has had his contract terminated at the SABC’s Lotus FM following his controversial statement made on social media on Thursday, 23 August 2018. 

His tweet came at the height of devastation in the Indian state of Kerala where he alluded to the devastation being a justified act of God/nature against those who consume beef.

Sinath took to social media, Thursday, 6 September to state the following:

Dear Lotus FM listeners it is sad that I have to inform everyone that my contract with Lotus FM has been terminated due to someone misinterpreting and misconstruing a post on Twitter. I have explained via mail the intent and reasoning behind the post but still the management of Lotus FM decided to take the words of the publisher of Indian Spice over my words. 

I just want to thank all those listeners for their support. And a message for the publisher of Indian Spice

“Don’t live, don’t die” 

Diresh Sinath, Facebook

Highlights of the matter

Soon after outrage on social media blew up, his employer Lotus FM suspended him on Friday, 24 August 2018 pending an investigation into the matter. 

On Saturday morning, 25 August 2018, the the International Society for Krsna Consciousness – a religious organisation that Sinath is associated to – issued a statement distancing ISKCON from Sinath’s offensive standpoint.

On 28 August, SABC had confirmed to Indian Spice that Diresh Sinath has been suspended pending an investigation into the matter.

Neo Momudu, SABC Spokesperson stated,

“The SABC distances itself from the comments made by Mr Diresh Sinath in his personal capacity. Following the incident, a decision was taken to unscheduled Mr Diresh Sinath with immediate effect pending an investigation into this matter.”

See the tweet below that upset Indian nationals and the general public

Kerala and its displaced people are still reeling from the aftermath of the unprecedented floods that left over 400 people dead and many injured, causing colossal damage to the property and infrastructure of the state.

We await a formal statement from SABC over the matter.


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  1. I am so glad he is gone
    He had the most irritating voice on radio

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately it’s typical of the calibre of personnel at the radio station. Some of their RJ’s quality, intellect and dialogue is an insult to Indians. And this I experience, when I sometimes switch to them to get a bit of Indian music. Really sad, they have a captive audience but can’t capitalise on this.

  2. sad that I had to engage in a conversation with my driver Gautam here in Mumbai regarding this episode…I feel ashamed as a South African to have to listen to him saying that most of India had received this over wattsup….

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