KALI exposes the Harvey Weinstein’s of the South African film industry

#JOHANNESBURG: Harvey Weinstein has literally become the poster boy for sexual predatory conduct in the Hollywood film industry. I do not have to expand on his case. He will forever stand out as being one of the most reviled sexual predators known to memory.

But I want to open up on what is happening right here in South Africa, it is deeply disturbing and worrying and you have to pay attention now.

Three brave South African women of Indian origin have come forward to Indian Spice with their trauma and tale of sexual harassment at the hands of a filmmaker.

This has not been our first case, but it has been one which has been particularly difficult to hear. Thus far their statements have corroborated against witness accounts and other sources in terms of what has been divulged to us at our investigative unit – KALI.

Over the past three weeks, there has been a social media circus that broke the South African Indian social media space and it doesn’t seem like it will die down anytime soon.

Amongst all the clutter of this, my team is busy separating fact from fiction in respect to what really has transpired.

Practically everyone has an opinion of the actors involved, from minors being encouraged in a trade-off for a role in future movies – to stir up controversy – all in the name of the filmmaker in question to cover his tracks.

He (the controversial filmmaker) has been stirring up a barrage of taunts that have caused further damage to these female actors and their personal lives.

This is not going to be celebrity matter like Harvey Weinstein as much as many of you will assume it to be but more so an important event that we cannot allow to be perpetuated again. Must we wait for someone to be raped or traumatized to the point of suicide?

I say no, you as parents to children with dreams of being part of a movie, you need to take cognizance of this as we reveal the shocking details of this sexual predator.

We have been working tirelessly to present the facts, allegations and more that have come to our attention. This is going to unveil the potential sexual grooming and harassment that these women have experienced at the hands of this filmmaker who can only be described as a sexual predator.

This story will place into the spotlight a case of workplace gender discrimination that they have been exposed to as actors in the South African film industry.

A pattern of sexual misconduct is evident

There are allegations of previous sexual violence, extortion and blackmail that have been alleged against this filmmaker and we do hope that other women do come forward with their story relating to this filmmaker and others.

Indian Spice editor Naufal Khan states,

“After looking at the evidence that has been piling up I find it very hard for a court to ignore this, let alone the film industry peers. I cannot imagine that even the best defense lawyers will be able to mount a response against these allegations based on the evidence thus far provided to our KALI unit.”

What to expect from next week?

  • The filmmaker lured one actor into a hotel room under the premise to show her production equipment and made it evident to display his aroused sexual demeanor expecting her to reciprocate sexual acts.
  • Tales of how the actors were forced to work 17 hour days in order to complete a movie within a month.
  • Audio conversations trails implicate the filmmaker who attempted to blackmail and threaten the livelihood of Dr Raj Govender who is the Director at KZN Department Of Arts & Culture. This after Govender posted his film review on social media that did not meet the filmmaker’s satisfaction.
  • Screens of discussions are in KALI’s possession in respect to the filmmaker boasting over political connections to sway favor to protect himself and his so-called dignity & reputation.
  • There are also damning allegations against the producer of the film, he was made aware of the sexual harassment but became an enabler by asking actors to ‘keep the peace’ and finish the movie.
  • Evidence of sexual grooming of these actors in order to coerce them into sexual acts with him (the filmmaker.)

The women involved are consulting with their legal counsel and various woman rights organisation to take civil and criminal charges against the alleged perpetrators.

Keep visiting Indian Spice next week as our investigative unit, KALI breaks each story that reveals the depths of depravity that they were exposed to all in the name of a shoddy movie that should never have been issued a certification.

Naufal Khan is the head of AdiShakti Media, the holding company of Indian Spice where he is the editor/publisher.


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