Yudhika Sujanani: The everyday man IS possible

I’m too old for this fuckery…I have been the ‘Now Girl’ and it wasn’t fun…I still live with those memories and they aren’t great!

Yudhika Sujanani

Dear everyone,

The next time a man says he wants to be ‘in the now’ with me, I am most certainly going to kick him in the bollocks!

Let me explain what the now means and why I don’t buy it…

  1. The now has no value…it’s saying, I’m not that into you and I’m not going to get run over by a bus tomorrow, but I’m really not sure if I’m going to want you!
  2. If you don’t want to write a book with me, I’m not interested in one-liners and a ‘now man’ taking up space for no good reason!
  3. We are not kids, as romantic as the now can sound, I’m like seriously…I’m starting to spot grey hair and I don’t even want to think about what it says about my ovaries!
  4. Now is now but it leads to drifting without purpose for years to the convenience of one and the irritation of the other – again – I’m not certain how irritation affects my ovaries!
  5. If you can’t see my worth today and you’re telling me I’m good enough for the now only, I see you! I see where this is going!
  6. I’m like a bank…saving all the good stuff and investing my soul…it’s growing my spiritual wealth and no, a ‘now man’ should not ever make withdrawals! No no no!
  7. My goods are fine…and I don’t need a sampling and ‘now man’ feedback.
  8. If I don’t respect myself to be a long-term person, it’s perfect for the ‘now man’. I want the ‘Everyday Man’ – I deserve it, I’m worth it and I can l be everything to that man, and he can be my everything. I can see exactly who I want the ‘Everyday Man’ to be!
  9. Stay away from me, Now Man’…I’m playing for keeps!
  10. I’m too old for this fuckery…I have been the ‘Now Girl’ and it wasn’t fun…I still live with those memories and they aren’t great! Regret is so unnecessary and most of mine, has come from not thinking things through…from being in the moment, and paying the price on my own!
    People; invest our time with people we can write history with! Let’s be sure of what we want and live our lives to the fullest! This isn’t for women only, I can only write this as a woman but it’s for everyone! That said we can’t live in the future but don’t waste yours with someone who doesn’t have tomorrow intentions!

    PS. this doesn’t mean there’s been any breakups or heartache…I’m still very much in a happy place with a special someone! These are just thoughts traipsing through my head.

    Even the ‘Now Man’ deserves to be the ‘Everyday Man’ and you can be the ‘Everyday Woman’ – it’s a choice, but not compulsory!

    All I’m saying is we should choose our words and match it with our intentions and only give to those who make choices. We are not accidents or casualties…we are a choice!

    Just like anything in life, it takes practice! Practice choosing your partner, everyday…practice happiness, practice love!

    We can perfect this thing called life!

    Yours sincerely,

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