Sikuvile awards
Natasha Marrian, Shanthini Naidoo & Micah Reddy journalists of Indian origin in South Africa

Three South African Indian origin journalists nominated for Sikuvile awards

The South African media landscape has changed dramatically and is on the up in efforts to shape the narrative of South Africa and its people.

The Sikuvile Journalism Awards 2018 will be honoring South African journalists for excellence in their respective fields of interest.

Sikuvile awards
Natasha Marrian, Shanthini Naidoo & Micah Reddy journalists of Indian origin in South Africa who are nominated

Among those in the news industry that are making impact on society with their reporting include Tiso Blackstar Sunday Times journalist, Shanthini Naidoo.

Naidoo has been nominated for the Sikuvile Journalism Awards for her article titled, “Medical Mayhem: Our reporter’s 24-hour shift at a Joburg hospital.”

Business LIVE’s Politics editor, Natasha Marrian has been nominated in the Editorial category for her piece “The cat is after the cream in ANC race”, “EFF could ditch DA if Ramaphosa wins”, “ Call for ANC unity a self-serving farce of work.”

In the category of investigative journalism, Micah Reddy has been nominated for reporting on the Gupta Leaks stories that was a collective news ops with Daily Maverick, Amabhungane & News 24.        

The theme for 2018 for the awards ‘The Truth Reloaded’ unpack key insights where a challenging environment of declining media sales & profits and fake news exist. According to Ross Linstrom, Standard Bank: media relations, the theme speaks to this. “The media performs with a combination of bravery and eloquence in the service of defending and strengthening our democracy, unraveling deception and demanding accountability, often at considerable risk to themselves,” he says. 

“Journalists are passionately committed to uncovering the truth – an extremely precious, but increasingly rare commodity in a world of fake news,” he adds. “It’s important for the media to tower above fake news and make its voice heard through reason and fact.” 

Rashid Wajoodeen, administration manager at the Publishers Support Services, which manages the Awards, says “The Sikuvile Awards recognizes the excellence and efforts of men and women who take risks to give expressions to freedoms and rights entrenched in the constitution to ensure that ordinary people have access to information and make informed decisions in an open democracy.”

“The Awards is meant to remind all of us of these vital functions of journalism that sustain our democracy,” Wajoodeen adds. “We thank Standard Bank for their ongoing support of the Awards over the past years.” 

The Awards will be announced at a prize-giving function on Thursday, 13 September at the Johannesburg World Trade Centre (known as The Venue Greenpark).

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