Baahubali inspired diamond encrusted Ganesh draws crowds in Surat, India

Surat: A Ganesha idol in Gujarat’s Surat has been adorned with diamonds, gold and silver ornaments worth lakhs of rupees.

Dalia Sheri, the diamond hub of Surat, attracts thousands of people every year with its exquisite diamond and gold jewellery studded Ganesha idol.

The pandal, which is themed around “golden temple and the movie Baahubali” has two Ganesha idols.

The organiser Gaurav Jariwala says that a devotee donated it to the pandal.

According to Jariwala, over 4-5 lakh people visit the pandal every year during the 10 days of Ganesha Chaturthi and devotees whose wishes get fulfilled donate silver items.

According to reports around 80,000 Australian and American diamonds are studded on this Ganesha idol and 10-15 kilograms of gold and silver mixture is used to make the plating for feet, ear and hands.

CCTV camera have been places around the marquee to maintain security along with guards who have been stationed all across.

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