Racist Kessie Nair calls South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa the K-word

Durban: Ex-convict Kessie Nair, has committed online suicide by calling South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa the k-word in a Facebook video.

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A case has been opened against Nair of crimen injuria on Wednesday by an eThekwini councilor at the Bayview police station by former eThekwini councillor Brandon Pillay.

According to reports, the former councillor is also planning to lodge a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission against Nair.

Nair, who is also a former local councillor, is now an ex-convict who claims to also have links to the 26 prison gang after serving time in jail for corruption.

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He posted the video demanding the president be charged.

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In the video he states:

“I want to state quite candidly and straightforwardly that I, Kessie Nair, the CEO, founder, and creator of Navcare – the National Association towards Violence Crime and Abuse – do hereby call for that k**fir state President Cyril Ramaphosa – and yes I mean k**fir – to be charged for defrauding the nation … for oppressing this nation … for high treason … for failing … for being soft on all the crime, poverty, violence that prevails in this so-called democracy.”

Nair said Ramaphosa was mocking Mandela’s legacy and that he was prepared to go to prison for his views, or to even be shot.

On LinkedIn, Nair lists himself as the CEO Founder at Navcare Lifestyle System, and appears to be involved in crypto currency. He argued the ruling party divided the country so that it could be ruled cynically as a result.

Watch the shocking video here: 


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  • #KessieNair is mentally unwell, family issue statement while a high level investigation underway by South African Police Service. click here

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