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Podcast: The racist Kessie Nair wants to apologize

Meanwhile, since the uproar over the video, Kessie Nair, says he is willing to retract his statements adding that all he wanted was an audience with the President.

Nair was arrested this morning, 20 September by the Hawks who have taken over the case. He’s been charged with crimen injuria but further charges may be added after he called president Cyril Ramaphosa a “k*****” in a Facebook video.

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Nair – who is an ex-convict – is also the Founder of the National Association Towards Violence, Crime and Abuse (NAVCARE) says he made the video after he failed to get a meeting with the President.

But did Nair think about the consequences of his video – that’s littered with racial slurs and expletives?

Or is this just a cheap publicity stunt to get attention? Newsbreak’s Tashlan Naidoo put these questions to Nair.

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