A very ANGRY Kajol responds to Ajay Devgn’s prank

Ajay Devgn has always had the reputation of being a formidable prankster on film units but, on Monday, he took his pranks to another level by tweeting out his wife’s Kajol’s phone number.

“Kajol not in country.. coordinate with her on WhatsApp,” he wrote. While the actor later clarified it was a ‘prank’, it seems Kajol is not very amused.

His tweet sent netizens into a frenzy as it left them wondering whether his account had been hacked or he tweeted out a personal message by mistake. While some concerned fans alarmed Kajol by messaging her on the number, a few notorious ones started trolling the actor. Some users also posted screenshots of their hilarious Whatsapp messages to the number.

When the messages and memes multiplied, Ajay clarified that it was a prank. “Pranks on film set are so passé… so tried pulling one on you guys here..” he wrote tagging Kajol.

An irate Kajol responded to his prank a day later saying, “Looks like your pranks are out of the studios now… But there is No Entry for them at home!” She tweeted this with an angry face emoji. 

Check out Kajol’s Tweet – 

While it’s clear that the contact shared does not belong to Kajol, we can’t help but appreciate the efforts Ajay took in actually getting the display picture of the fake number changed and putting a deep literature quote in the status, making it all look so believable.  

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