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Sagren Govindasamy waited in court for the appearance of the suspect who allegedly killed his wife and two daughters #TripleMurder

#TripleMurder: Accused faints in holding cells

As the community and the father of the deceased, Sagren Govindasamy wait to face the accused suspect. The court proceeding has been stalled for 30 minutes. 

Media has been banned from photographing the accused after defense attorney said it will jeopardize his clients safety #TripleMurder – Kailiene Pillay

The accused in the #TripleMurder has fainted before entering the dock. An ambulance has been called. The accused suspects’ family have not appeared at the Verulam Magistrate court for the bail appearance.

Family members of the suspect were being contacted to ascertain health issues. According to reports, it is understood that the alleged suspect has a heart condition.

Authorities confirmed that accused is on an IV drip for the next half hour and then he will appear for his arraignment. #TripleMurder

Protests outside the Verulam Magistrate Court

Community members calling for no bail and the death penalty in the case. 


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