Mmusi Maimane’s heartfelt message to Vanessa Govender

Vanessa Govender-Tedder shocked the South African and international community with her tell-all memoir, ‘Beaten But Not Broken’ published by Jacana Media.

#VIDEO Vanessa Govender, the tears & pain pour out in this interview you need to watch

Govender’s book, ‘Beaten but no Broken‘ since its release has now officially made it into the top 10 bestselling books in South Africa.

In Beaten But Not Broken, she opens up about her deepest secret – one that so nearly ended her career in broadcast journalism before it had barely kicked off.

Last week, Govender posted a message on social media last week after receiving a message from South African politician, Mmusi Maimane.

She said, “I got a letter … and it has meant the world. One of SA’s most influential and prominent men stands by me! ️”

Speaking to the Daily News, Govender said the letter was personally delivered to her by long-time friend, former SABC colleague and MP Dianne Kohler Barnard. 

The letter reads: ‘I am most encouraged by your bravery in exposing abuse in any form. I pray that your book will inspire many more South Africans to speak out about abuse, to stand up to abusers and break the cycle.’

Mmusi Maimane’s letter to Vanessa Govender-Tedder


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Source: Vanessa Govender Facebook

Vanessa Govender-Tedder book
In this interview, Vanessa Govender, author of her memoir, Beaten but not Broken, she talks about her horrific experience at the hands of an abuser.

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