Apology to Guru Vengatraman of the Benoni Temple

IndianSpice wishes to convey its apology to Guru Vengatraman of the Benoni temple and his family in respect to the allegations brought forward by the community of the temple  that was published on this website.

We hereby apologize to Guru Vengatraman of the Benoni temple and his family for the article posted on 23 August 2018. The information provided therein is questionable and we wish to advise that the said allegations are under investigation to clarify the situation at the Benoni Temple.

We accordingly profusely apologize to the Guru and his family for publishing without their side of the story on our website and social media platforms, thereby causing damage to the Guru’s good name and reputation.

We apologise without guilt over the allegations made by members of the Benoni temple community.

We still extend our opportunity to Guru Vengetraman to respond to the allegations made by the temple devotees.

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