#Books: A Medley of Voices by Ravi Govender

Book cover designed by Ash Lalgith

Ravi Govender, a veteran radio presenter, newspaper columnist and philanthropist has released his fourth book, ‘A Medley of Voices.’

He published his first book ‘Down Memory Lane‘ in 2006 and his second book, ‘Deja Vu‘ followed in 2011. He re-edited and republished an old chestnut called ‘Come to the Point in 2017.’

Ravi Govender, south african indian author
Ravi Govender

Says Govender in the foreword of the book:

“I regularly came upon aspirant authors who wanted to publish their work but had no clue how.

I held several workshops to guide these ones in the self-publishing arena. Then there were those that wrote single stories and did not know what to do with them.

I envisaged a book, which could offer these ones a chance to see their work come to life in printed form.

“When I published my first book, I walked into Exclusive Books in The Pavilion. Lo and behold my humble work was selling next to Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom.  It was a surrealistic moment that blew me away. We were both listed as African Writers.”

A film feature is next!

The next project of Govender’s is also the last item on his bucket list that’s been ticked off.  Film fundi, which harks back from growing up in the Casbah and going to the numerous cinemas of the day, weekly, he is tackling his first film. He is in collaboration with whom he calls “South Africa’s best comedy writer”.

How ‘A Medley of Voices’ began

“I put the call out there and received the submissions that you will find in this publication. Besides three of the writers, the rest are first time-to-be-published writers.” said Govender.

From an eleven-year-old lad to a seventy-year-old intellectual, the stories are varied and interesting. From unrequited love to heroism on the battlefield, they are within these pages.”

The book has short biographies and photos of the writers whose stories are published.

Govender describes the publication as a labour of love. Much time and effort was invested in producing it, but Govender says seeing it evolve is almost a “spiritual” experience.

He credits the book designer Ash Lalgith as being a genius at his craft because “the cover is one of the most artistic and beautiful I have ever seen.”

Govender is an alma mater of Sastri College in KZN also runs ‘The Bond Initiative’ which assists the disadvantaged community across the country.

“We collaborated on all four books, but in this one, Ash outdid himself. Together with the printer we have formed a team that work as a unit and will produce many more books.”

Govender who resides in Durban’s North Beach spends his time towards his craft of editing, writing, philanthropic causes and also marketing for a living. 

Govender regularly runs workshops on self-publishing and is always ready to assist writers to get their work out there.

It will be homage to Govender’s favourite comedy actor Peter Sellers.

A ‘Medley of Voices’ is dedicated to the memory of Govender’s friend Laviena Saminathan, a keen book reader, who passed away earlier this year through illness.

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