Kumaran Naidu
Naidu is currently under investigation for a series of sexual harassment claims by IndianSpice's investigative unit, KALI.

Broken Promises director to face legal action

#Durban: Kumaran Naidu, the director of Broken Promises is set to face legal action from Uzalo actor, Meshantan Naidoo.

Kumaran Naidu
Naidu is currently under investigation for a series of allegations of sexual harassment claims brought forward to IndianSpice’s investigative unit, KALI.

The SA Indian internet broke last night after social media user and vlogger, Shiarah Raman posted a slanderous statement on her social media stream against Meshantan Naidoo.

Her status exposed personal details of an alleged relationship that had gone sour with the Uzalo actor and dragged in actor, Shanon Mishca Bhojraj as collateral damage in the post.

Raman’s social media post read as follows

I just want to congratulate Meshantan Naidoo and Shanon Mishca Bhojraj on their relationship. Well done you two! Hope you remain happy forever.

Promise I won’t get in the way again, I didn’t know about you. He said he was single. Hush hush relationships suck don’t they?

Thanks for using me Meshantan. And thanks Shanon for demanding the impossible.

I am Issa Shia. You should know better than to f*** with me. #StraightChoonsWithIssaShia

Shiara Raman’s post

Needless to say, Ramans’ post caused a flurry of social media commentary that went on adnauseam on various Facebook groups

It was after a few hours that Uzalo actor, Meshantan Naidoo reached out to Raman as he realized she was being used by a third party to defame him.

Raman was shocked to learn the truth behind the matter after being presented with proof that the real joke was on her played out by Broken Promises director, Kumaran Naidu.

Follow the trail below to understand what happened

It is alleged that Naidu promised Raman a role in his next movie in exchange for her to post a false, damaging statement against Meshantan Naidoo and his girlfriend, Shanon Mishca Bhojraj.

Here’s the proof that Naidu plotted this to damage Meshantan Naidoo’s acting career. This was the communication between Raman and Kumaran Naidu.

Raman knew something was amiss when Meshantan Naidoo showed her proof that she was being used and in the process being made an unfortunate victim to Naidu’s plot.

Here’s proof that Kumaran Naidu used Shiarah Raman and called her a ‘fake indian.’ This is a conversation with actor, Shanon Mischca Bhojraj where he admitted using Raman.

This was the tipping point for Raman to admit she was being used and posted the slanderous statement on instruction by Kumaran Naidu.

Soon after Raman realised the damage she has inflicted on the Uzalo actor, she took down the post and replaced with this statement.

Raman has declined to comment as this has impacted her family, student life and has temporarily gone off social media.

Meshantan Naidoo and Shanon Mishca Bhojraj are consulting with their legal counsel to tackle Kumaran Naidu.

Indian Spice’s investigative unit, KALI are investigating allegations of sexual harassment on the set of the movie, ‘Broken Promises 4-Ever.’ This story coming soon.


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