Supermodel & actor, Kiran Rai is yet to add his touch of magic to Bollywood!

Twenty-six year old Rai, who hails from Nottingham, London was just an aspirant lad with dreams of rolling in the entertainment industry.

After standing outside Waterloo station for a month, a 23-year-old prospective actor managed to raise a significant £15,000 from the people who ‘threw money’ at him whilst he held a sign saying ‘please support me’

In the early days of his  career in the entertainment industry, he has already taken the IFA award in Mumbai for “Foreign artist of the year” is currently in South Africa as part of his world tour sponsored by DMS and Ralph Pereira, the founder of Social Box.

In a short span of time, Rai has hosted 80 shows including 22 major sports events including Wimbledon; Formula-1 awhile not debuting a single movie out shows determination.

He is the brand ambassador for Social Box and South Africa is the 13th country in the last six months that he has visited. Much recently, Bollywood actress Sophie Chaudhary at an awards show felicitated him, which lead him to hosting his 80th show, which includes the World Cup, Formula-1, Wimbledon and the Brit awards in London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Rai is known for his role in the Sri Lankan film Parachutes, which he worked on with top director Louis Vanderstraaten. He was also the face of renowned American brand ‘Future Cut Cloths,’ a New York/Chicago based clothing line and he previously led Shanghai Fashion Week.

Failure was his springboard in film

Rai was set to appear in an Indian film production based in Sri Lanka earlier this year, but producers sent him home saying his Sinhalese was not good enough.

Not dissuaded by this, he decided to take matters into his own hands by fundraising for his own project, and so the train station situation came into play.

Talking about the experience, Kiran says: “I am used to rejection, and so used to people abandoning me like my mother did when I was very young. That’s why I’ve got so far because nothing hurts me. I have so many people around me with good vibes and mentor me, its amazing.”

Despite the mixed bag of comments, which included some slamming him for “begging” outside the train station, Kiran managed to rustle up enough to procure his own production in Sri Lanka.

“My life was a lot of ‘ hustling ‘ – I would stand around theatres until late and do late open mics everyday with hardly any sleep and beg casting directors,” says Kiran.

“I’d even gate-crash parties everyday in different hotels and pretend I was from there while wearing a black suit and just mingle and network.

“I was so hungry. I have gate-crashed over 300 events and met so many performers, directors and this is how I’ve been so lucky because I am meeting the people who matter now.”

Speaking about why he chose acting, he says: “I did the arts and entertainment business because I believe I am a performer.

“I am my only fan and my worst enemy because my ears are always closed when people tell me I’m bad – I really don’t care! My family have been supportive with me and my dad has been the best with me.”

He adds that he feels that he’s living the dream: “I have worked in broadway, the West End, television, face of fashion weeks, radio and even won awards and met presidents, mayors, princes, the whole lot.”

Off the land down-under

Kiran heads off to Australia touring Melbourne & Sydney where he is set to endorse the much anticipated ‘Cake Bake and Sweets Show’, during this 2-month stay, Rai will be using the concept of Social Box to engage with millennial audiences as he takes them on this sweet journey!

Rai is set to add a touch of class to the jam-packed re-launch of Cake Bake & Sweets Show which is Australia’s biggest event for all things baking, decorating and sugar craft with your favourite celebrity chefs, workshops, theatres, cake competitions masterclasses,

Rai heads off to Mumbai and then Los Angeles as he continues his journey. We wish him well on his dream to reach for stars!

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