Miguel Louw accused out on bail, claims he is innocent

Mohammed Ebrahim Picture: Se-Anne Rall, Daily News

#DURBAN: Mohammed Ebrahim, the man believed to be behind the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Louw maintains he is innocent.

This came out after an exclusive interview with The Daily News earlier this past week.

The Phoenix resident Ebrahim, 43, is currently out on bail of R2 500 that was paid by family. Miguel disappeared on July 17 and was last seen in the company of murder-accused Mohammed Ebrahim‚ a butcher and colleague of his mother.

Ebrahim was still in prison when he learnt of the gruesome discovery of Louw’s body not far from his residence.

“I was shocked when I heard the news that the boy was dead. People can say what they want to say. I don’t fear. I did nothing wrong,” he said. 

Ebrahim spoke to the Daily News at a location his family did not want to be disclosed because they fear for their lives.  His arrest for Louw’s abduction was less than a week after Miguel’s disappearance was reported in July. 

Miguel’s family was not aware that Ebrahim was out on bail.

They had only realized he had been released when a family member spotted him at a butchery in Asherville. Ebrahim was granted bail last month. However, his family only paid his bail last Tuesday.

Raylene Louw held by her daughter Mikayla as they say their final goodbye to Miguel Louw at his funeral in Durban.  Image: Rogan Ward, TIMESLIVE

His freedom has been curtailed because he has to follow strict bail conditions, including reporting to the Phoenix police station three times a week. He is not allowed to make contact with the Louw family or go to Sydenham. “I cannot get a job. I cannot go here and there.”

He laughed off rumours that he went to a butchery in Durban on Saturday, but had words of sympathy for his parents, who bore the anger of many people when he was arrested, and following the discovery of Miguel’s body.

“My parents were stressed about the incident. They bore the brunt of the death threats and people coming to our home asking for me,” he said.

Ebrahim claimed the police had not interviewed him after Miguel was found, although experts had gone through his parents’ home looking for clues and checking for any traces of DNA.

Gounden said Ebrahim had not been charged with murder, but kidnapping. He said the charges could be amended at his next court appearance on October 17.

“I was fond of Miguel,” says Ebrahim

After an extensive search, the boy’s decomposing body was found in a shallow grave in Longbury Drive, near Ebrahim’s house, last month.

Ebrahim said he could not divulge much about the case on the advice of his attorney, Chris Gounden.

However, he said he had lived in the Louw residence for about three months prior to Miguel’s disappearance, and had keys to the house. Their house was closer to the butchery he worked at in Alpine Road, thus more convenient for him.

Ebrahim said he grew fond of Miguel. On the day of his disappearance, he fetched Miguel from school – he would not say whether this was a regular occurrence. When he heard that the boy was hungry, he took him to a KFC outlet and bought him a piece of chicken.

Ebrahim said he then went to Phoenix and had nothing to do with the boy’s subsequent disappearance and death, adding that the law must take its course.

Miguel’s mother vents in frustration on social media

She wrote: “The **** is out of jail … I have to live with the pain and suffering and the heartache and knowing that I will never be able to hold my child again and all these thoughts in my mind of what my child went through … it’s just not fair.

The family’s spokesperson, Vasthi Williams, said Louw acted in frustration and fear.

“There is an ongoing investigation and this guy is walking free. Raylene feels as though he is laughing in their faces, as though he is an untouchable. It’s hard for her as a mom. Her son was taken away. She searched for him. We must understand the emotions from the mother’s point.”


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